I know Tiger Woods made headlines
this morning. And I'll be explaining how his stunning cycles lined up today shortly.


Today I want to share the numbers
for a story that happened yesterday.


Joseph Andrew Stack, known as Joe
Stack, crashed his small plane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas after
setting his home on fire.


As usual there are numerology clues
to help us get much insight into what happened.


I don't have Joe Stack's birthday,
so I won't be able to look at his current cycles. However, his birth name, current
name, business name, address and phone number are known – and they absolutely give
us clues.


Joe Stack's Destiny number,
derived from his birth name ‘Joseph Andrew Stack', adds up to 66/12/3.


3 is a joyful number of self
expression. Fittingly Stack played in a band, was known to smile and loved to


Another side of 3 is drama and the
possibility of emotional ups and downs. For Joe Stack there was an extra
dimension as well. 66 reduces to 12 before adding up to 3. And 12 can symbolize
being a victim or victimizer.


Obviously Stack committed suicide
and victimized others with his actions yesterday.


Another clue is his current name.


‘Joe Stack' adds up to 26/8 – a
fateful number in the ancient Chaldean system. Since your current name number
is the Activator of your birth blueprint, Joe would have attracted challenging
situations into his life.


Of significance are Stack's
address and business name. I was able to catch the numbers before his website
was removed from the internet.


925 E. Hwy 80

zip code – 78666

His address number 925 adds up to 9+2+5
= 16


His business name ‘Embedded Art'
is a 13/4 and his website is a 40/4.


First let's look at the address. 16/7
is the number of sudden unexpected events and symbolizes ‘a fall from a high
place'. Remember the balloon boy family – they also had a 16/7 address.


Notice Hwy 80. And his zip code,
78666, which adds up to 35/8.


Plus both his business and website
names are 4s. Why are these 4s and 8s so important.


With Joe Stack's 26/8 current name
he had to be careful not to have other 4s and 8s trigger fateful events. This
is because 4s and 8s are magnetically attracted to each other and, when
combined, can be very challenging.


Unfortunately, Joe Stack had
several 8s and 4s in his address, his business and website name and zip code. So
he was activating the ‘fateful' quality of his name even more.


He even left the airport at 9:40
am, which reduces to 13/4.


One other number caught my


It appears in yesterday's date and
Joe Stack's phone number. I'm referring to number 18.


Yesterday was the 18th
of February. The phone number on his website also added up to 18/9.


Remember how I wrote last week
about Sarah Palin's forecast for 2012?


She will be in an 18 Personal
Year. Palin is now a focal point for those who feel disenfranchised. She called
for a new American Revolution in her Tea Party Speech earlier in February.


As I said, Palin's 18 cycle in
2012 activates a strong potential for revolution.


Yesterday's incident involved anger
at the IRS. Symbolically, the 18th of February could have triggered
the start of a movement towards conflict and social upheaval. I will be
watching closely.


Since 18 can also mean deception
from friends and enemies, we may never find out what drove Joe Stack to commit
such an insane act yesterday morning.


Interestingly, Stack's friends
expressed shock and surprise at his actions. They describe him as never being
in a bad mood or speaking negatively about another person. They also say he
didn't ever discuss politics.


joe stack.jpg

One final clue. I took the letters
in the name ‘Joe Stack' and created a lexigram. Guess what I found:


“Tea Jock Set To Act.”


Stack is being portrayed as a tea
partier gone crazy. It turns out he was not a tea party member. The numbers and
this lexigram of his name show however that he'll be associated with this new
party anyway.


There's always more to a story
than meets the eye.


As events unfold, it's important
to stay calm and detached. To help you, be sure your current name – which YOU
are in control of – is fortunate and attracts success and peace of mind.

Get your Is My Name Fortunate? report now.

Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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