nashville flood.jpgWhen Nashville was inundated with
floods in early May, many of you contacted me for more information. I was
traveling at the time but am ready now to share the amazing information I


First a description of the extensive
damage from a newsletter reader –




receive your emails regularly and find them to be very inspiring and
accurate.  I appreciate your insight.


‘On the
weekend of May 1 & 2, Nashville, TN suffered perhaps its biggest
catastrophe since the Civil War with rainfall in one weekend that nearly
exceeded its annual rainfall.  There has been so much devastation with
this unexpected storm.  I am a resident of Nashville and although I lost
much of my personal belongings, there are many other people in town who have
lost much more than I have.


wonder if you could shed any light through numerology as to Nashville's numbers
on May 1 & 2, 2010 and why the rest of our country barely knows that
anything happened here!'



B. Wood


First, I am very sorry to hear about your loss and wish you a
speedy recovery. May you surpass this tragedy and come out of it with clarity
and strength.


Here is a look at the dates and numbers to help us understand
the underlying forces in play during these devastating floods. As you will see,
the numbers 5 and 6 play a particularly important role.


The death toll after the Tennesse floods is 23 – which reduces
to 5.


Across the Southeast, the weekend storm killed 32 people.
Another 5


‘Nashville' is a 32/5 Current name.


May is the 5th month of the year.


42 counties were declared disaster areas. 42 reduces to 6.


1.5 billiyon in damages just in Nashville alone. Another 6.


Nashville was founded in 1779 – a year that adds up to 24/6.


Nashville was incorporated in 1806 – a year that adds up to


Note the both the numbers 5 and 6 were active already in the
names and dates. When current events mirror back existing numbers, a very
strong activation takes place.


Let's look at what the dynamic of these two numbers symbolizes
when they are activated in this way.


5 faces left and right and lies in the middle of numbers 1
through 9. It represents change, adventure, risk, quick decisions and
distraction. In current events this number always indicates quick, unforeseen
changes of direction. Plus you feel pulled in many different directions at


Number 6 is about responsibility, home, family, friends, the
arts and business. In a current cycle there will be more demand for your time.
6 is the number of the parent and counselor. So your responsibilities are
increased – especially at home and in business.


So, in combination, these two numbers indicate unforeseen
changes and risk and distractions in matters concerning your home, family and


What we saw in Nashville was a devastation of many people's


grand ole opry flood.jpg

The sudden, unexpected nature of the storm in early May is explained
by the number 5. The extensive damage to homes, businesses and performing arts
centers – the Symphony Hall and Grand Ole Opry – are reflected in the number 6.


May the residents of this beautiful state rebuild and recover


We live in incredible
times. Life is changing fast and we must change too. These surprising and
unsettling events are loosening us up, enabling our inner life to be
more flexible and release old patterns.


In order to surpass,
not just survive, it is so important to stay grounded and clear. A clear mind
is able to handle and surpass any event – and do so calmly.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Tania Gabrielle

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