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With the big Royal Wedding on
Friday, the final day of my Prosperity Power seminar, I want to get this
newsletter out to you today.


Of course, unless you are a
hermit, you know that Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married on
Friday, April 29, 2011. You may notice immediately that 29 is an 11 Day in the
11th year of the century.


Let's look more closely at William
and Kate's compatibility by the numbers.


Prince William and Kate Middleton
share three out of six numbers – a great indication of a deep and lasting bond.


Their six individual categories
show both harmony and conflict. Like many couples they have their ups and downs.
However, with 3 out of six numbers shared, Kate and William have a good
opportunity to find a way to mend their occasional differences.


One major sticking point is the
conflict between their Destiny Numbers.


This means the topic of career
could be a major source of disagreement between them.


One or both of them may feel a
lack of support from the other. With a 6 Destiny, Kate approaches her work with
passion and a lot of heart. She is emotionally invested in her career and loves
taking on responsibility by helping others.


Prince William, on the other hand,
likes the adventure and is intellectually fascinated by what he does – but not
necessarily emotionally invested in his work.


This means, it will be harder for
Kate to leave work behind than it might be for William, who does not mind change.
For Kate Middleton, her emotional identity is tied to her career – so leaving her
creative work behind could cause challenges for her. Especially if she does not
feel supported.


Interestingly, ALL three of Kate
and William's shared numbers are in the 3-6-9 emotional triad. This means their
bond Feels strong.


Also, Kate's birth numbers
indicate she will absolutely love being a mother.


William and Kate are marrying on April 29, an 11 Universal


How fitting – as this day symbolizes the 11th
year of the century we are all experiencing right now.


11 also reduces to 2 – the frequency of relationships and
cooperation in a spirit of peace.


The 29 Universal Day on Friday can
indicate possible trust issues in the future.


Number 29 is reinforced twice,
since Prince William and Kate Middleton are marrying in 2011 when both of them turn
29/11 years old. So, both Kate and William will be activating a personal 11 at
the same time on an 11 Universal Day in the 11th year of the

This symbolizes Double New
Beginnings for them and the whole Royal Family.


Finally, the Universal Date for
4.29.2011 is 19/10 which reduces to 1. Another New Beginning.


When one number shows up
several times in an event and the people who inspire that event, it carries a very
strong message. When this number also coincides with the universal dates, the
effect is even stronger.


The 1 and 11's signify a major shift
happening on Earth this year. The announcement of Kate and William's wedding
even fell during November, 2010 – the 11th month of the year. It is
as if the symbolic forces of release, change and new beginnings are permeating
every part of this wedding.


May Kate and William live a
happy, peaceful life together.


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Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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