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California is in the news this morning.


Yesterday evening the tragic news
came about a huge gas explosion in the middle of San Bruno, a residential
neighborhood near San Francisco Airport.


Something jumped out at me right
away – yesterday's date. It was 9.9.2010.


California was founded on


As I wrote previously, a triple
activation was active for everyone on two fronts yesterday. First, whatever your
Personal Year Number is right now – it was intensified three times. Secondly,
the Universal Year Number for 2010, which is 3, was tripled.


For California yesterday was particularly
significant, because California was BORN on the 9th of the 9th.


The frequency activated for the
state was a triple 3 – a Personal Year 21/3, Personal Month 30/3 and Personal
Day 39/12/3.


The time of the gas explosion was
at 6:24 pm a number which reduces to 12/3.


12/3 can symbolize being a victim
in current events and names.


That is a lot of emotions and drama.
Especially since California's Day of Birth ALSO happens to be on the 9th.
Remember 9 is in the 'emotional' trilogy of frequencies, which is comprised of


This morning we hear of another
dramatic story. Two trains collided head-on in Fontana, California, East of Los


Remember, throughout September
everyone's current cycles are doubled. This brings an extra intensity to your
life. Whatever number is active for you this year, is doubled up this month. Happens
every time September comes around.


So, let's say you are in a 15/6
Personal Year right now.


Add the 9 for the month of September,
and your current Personal Month is 24/6, meaning you are experiencing a Double
6 right now.


6 is another ‘deep feeling'
number, like 3 and 9. It symbolizes taking on responsibility and being there
for others. 6 is the ‘cosmic parent' frequency. Your ‘Inner Circle' – close
friends, family, employees, colleagues – will all require more of your
attention and compassion.


As to how your Personal Year and
Month numbers relate to the numbers you were BORN with. Well, that is a very,
very important question to know the answer to – one of many I help you with
during a phone consultation.


Here's the great thing about
talking to me in person.


You have an opportunity to ask me
about numerous topics in a short amount of time. Like your relationships,
current name, address, business plan, geographic locations, upcoming travel
dates, and your health.


Yes, your whole life is revealed
in your numbers.


Yesterday I talked to a client who
wondered why she had weight issues. I explained it to her based on her birth
numbers and current name. Then I showed her How she can use the positive power
in these SAME numbers to overcome her mind-patterns.


You see, within your numbers lie
all the answers.


Every frequency has a very
specific meaning. Once you know what your tendencies are, you'll be able to
focus on the POSITIVE aspects in your numbers and surpass all negative habits.


So make the most out of your personal
numbers. Register now for your Intuitive Counseling Call with me.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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