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When it comes to relationships,
numbers are a great way to show compatibility between two people.


Courteney Cox and David Arquette
have been in the news recently. A week ago they announced their separation. I
am not surprised.


In fact, I am amazed they stayed
together as long as 11 years.


First of all, none of Cox and
Arquette's three important birth numbers – Life Purpose, Destiny or Day of
Birth – are in harmony.


Secondly, they only have one out
of six categories in Harmony. The rest are neutral, compatible or in conflict.


The third item I look for in any
relationship is whether both people share any numbers between them. For
Courteney and David, I would want them to share at least three numbers, since
they lack in compatibility in the individual categories.


But only two numbers, 3 and 6, are


These numbers are in the 3-6-9
self-expression trilogy. It makes sense then that they met on the job as actors
and connected on that level with each other. But what they share together does
not support a long-term union with all the growth and changes that occur over
the decades.


Actually, Cox and Arquette's numbers
recipe indicate more of a close friendship than a long-term, lasting romantic partnership.


One thing to keep in mind when
looking at your relationships is this.


Does the other person bring
numbers into the equation that you are lacking – thereby ‘filling in the gaps'
so to speak. It is an important component you want to check when looking at any
relationship – personal, social or business.


I do this for you in the ‘Are Your
Numbers In Love?'

Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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