North Korea usually makes news when the topic is tense. But a very different event, crossing all cultural borders, occurred there this evening.
Earlier today the New York Philharmonic performed an historic concert in Pyongyang, North Korea.
Consider this fact first. Since the Korean War ended, when the NY Philharmonic arrived yesterday, it was the most Americans ever on North Korean soil. Imagine how it felt to these world-class musicians, who were greeted with pomp and circumstance when their plane arrived, to be essentially representing a part of the world that has been off limits here for decades.
Even the music they performed has been off limits.
The orchestra, invited by North Korea, had several requests before agreeing to perform. The most important of which was that the concert be broadcast live on North Korean television.
They succeeded. In fact all their requests were fulfilled. Including that both the North Korean and American national anthems be played – another first for this country. The first standing ovation of the night happened after those two anthems were performed. Live. In front of millions of North Koreans. Imagine.
So why did this cultural overture happen today?
The number for ‘North Korea’ is 4. And today is the 26th, an 8 day. These two numbers, 4 and 8, are magnetically attracted to each other. 4 and 8 are connected with fateful events for those people – and countries – who have them in their blueprint.
North Korea has another strong connection to the number 4. Their formal day of Declaration is September 9, 1948 – a 4 day. This is akin to having a Life Purpose number for a country. In this case, 40/4 represents the building of a society.
Here’s the fascinating connection. The U.S. was born on the 4th of July – hence there is a natural, and fateful, relationship with North Korea.
When you look at what happened in North Korea today, it’s fitting that an American Orchestra broke the ice, at least temporarily. The Life Purpose Number for the U.S. is after all about freedom and adventure.
Of course the NY Phil is based in New York City – the ultimate cultural melting pot. Consider too that the historic concert was broadcast not only in North Korea, but around the world, giving the event even more significance.
Connecting with North Korean musicians during their time in Pyongyang will certainly help to build more trust. Many of the NY Phil musicians have expressed their desire to create deep and lasting relationships while they are there. On a broader level, seeing this culturally diverse group of musicians on TV live certainly gave North Koreans an experience to remember.
You could call it – music diplomacy.
With the help of numerology we can understand why these bridges are being built right now. The year 2008 is all about new beginnings. It adds up to 1 and launches the first 9 year cycle of the 21st century.
In essence, the whole world has an opportunity this year to start fresh. We’re officially leaving the 20th century behind right now.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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