bea arthur.jpgActress Bea Arthur lived a long, fulfilling life. Last Wednesday, at age 86, she passed away.

I noticed that her age 86 reduces to 14/5, the Media Number, signifying her long successful career in television. Arthur won several Emmys for her roles as the sarcastic Dorothy Zbornak on ‘Golden Girls' and as the title character in ‘Maude.'

She was born on May 13, 1922 giving her a 23/5 Life Purpose Number. Number 5 is related to risk, freedom, magnetism and the media and connects directly to her 86/14/5 age.

Her roles were certainly unpredictable and risky sparking controversy at the time. Especially the TV series ‘Maude' brought up issues that are still hotly debated to this day.

April 22, 2009 connects to her birth blueprint in other ways. Notice the link – 22 Day and the 22nd year of last century that she was born in.

For Bea, last Wednesday was also a 1 Personal Day and a 6 Personal Month.

Amazingly her current name ‘Bea Arthur' adds up to 10/1 and her Destiny Number, based on her birth name, is a 69/15/6. Direct connections once again.

Her 10 current name indicates she was able to manifest results – good or challenging – very, very quickly. 10 is the Instant Manifestation Number and a powerful vibration for your current name if your outlook on life is of the ‘glass half full' variety.

By the way, had she used ‘Beatrice Arthur' her life would have been very difficult. It adds up to a highly challenging 43/7 current name number.

The day someone dies reveals much about his or her life. For Bea Arthur you can see she fulfilled her Destiny and Life Purpose – there are direct connections to both.

But there's one other interesting numerology fact as well.

She was born on the 13th, a 4 Day. She died on the 22nd, a 4 Day.

Numbers 4 and 8 are magnetically attracted to each other. If you have a major 4 or 8 in your birth blueprint you will automatically be attracted to other people, names and dates with 4s and 8s.

This was obviously the case with Bea Arthur as well.

Numbers ‘talk' to each other all the time. If you watch the relationships you'll begin to notice ‘coincidences' – which are really clues in disguise.

For example, President Obama's first 100 days are being celebrated today. He's having a big townhall meeting followed by a Presidential News Conference this evening.

Well, as it happens, today is April 29.

Barack Obama has a 29/11 Life Purpose.

It's a 38/11 Personal Day for the President.

Yes, it's a big day for him personally. And it just so happens to coincide with his first 100 Days marker.

These numbers are not easy, so it's no surprise he has much on his plate.

Numbers are also forecasting tools. In President Obama's case, the many 11s activated for him today tie in directly with 2009 – an 11 year. Thus the forecast for the next 100 days is very likely going to be even more challenging.

I'll be revealing much more about how to use your own numbers to forecast your future – and activate your life in the most positive way possible – in my coaching seminar.

Why is it so important to keep a pulse on your numbers?

Because keeping tabs on your personal cycles gives you a major heads-up. It's a key preparation tool. Just as importantly, once you know your own current numbers story, you hold the keys to freedom, abundance and opportunity.

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