This morning a friend emailed me a link about Barack Obama's maternal grandmother in Hawaii.

Obama will be suspending his campaign to visit her on October 23rd and 24th since her health has deteriorated. I wanted to look at the two important mother figures in Obama's life – his grandmother Madelyn Dunham and his mother Ann Dunham.

What I found are two very strong bonds. One with Obama's 29/11 and the other with his 4 Day of Birth.

Barack's mother Ann was born on the 29th. She has another major 29 as well – she and her son share the Same Life Purpose – 29/11.

A double 29 can indicate challenges with your partner. In general it would affect your relationships with men if you're female and vice versa if you're male. Not that you can't have strong lasting relationships. It's that Ann Dunham would have had to be on guard.

Ann also had two 6s, including her Destiny Number.

If you look at the figure of the 6 you can see it resembles a woman who is pregnant. Numerologists refer to 6 as the parental vibration. 6s want to help others. With a double 6 Ann Dunham would have loved being a mother to her children.

The combination of her double 29 and double 6 would have made Ann Dunham a very powerful maternal presence in Obama's life.

His grandmother in Hawaii also helped to raise Obama. Her connection to him is equally strong.

She has a double 4, including her Destiny Number. This ties her directly to Obama's Day of Birth on the 4th. He credits his grandmother for instilling a good work ethic in him.

4 is the number of order, discipline and work. Obama's grandmother did work most of her life, which makes total sense. She was the first female vice president of her bank. A USA Today article reported that people who worked along her side called Dunham a ‘tough boss' who had a ‘soft spot for those willing to work hard.'

She was born on the 26th of October and will turn 86 on Sunday. Barack Obama's name adds up to 17/8 tying him directly into his grandmother's 26/8 Day of Birth.

Her 8 Day of Birth also shows an understanding of monee. Aside from being the VP of her bank, Dunham paid to put Obama through private high school while he as living with her in Hawaii.

All these 4s and 8s they share are fateful as well. In my book I show the amazing amounts of 4s and 8s Barack also shares with his wife Michelle.

As for Obama's mother's current name – let's just say, life was not easy for her.

‘Ann Dunham' adds up to 16/7 indicating sudden, often challenging, changes. She would have had to pay attention to her hunches in a big way. Consider too that Ann was born on the 7th. This means her 16 current name was activated even more.

A double 7 indicates religion would have played a major role in her life. She must have been an avid learner and reader.

What I look for in a current name is this. How is it activating your life. Is your name helping you. Or, as was the case with Obama's mother, is the name making life more difficult.

Be sure your current name is supporting you right now.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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