Today is the first day of October and I've made
a video for you to explaining what to expect this month.


The 12/3 cycle we're in for the next 31 days is
asking all of us to reflect. If you feel disharmony, look at what thoughts have
brought you to that place. Harmony is a keyword right now – for both
individuals and nations alike.


So it's good to see the U.S. and Iran having
their first face-to-face talks on the nuclear issue today. It's a perfect time
to observe and reflect.


Everyone needs to take time looking at things as
they really are – not as they appear.


Another aspect of the number 12 is that it can
symbolize the victim or victimizer. Whether in war or natural disasters, this
theme is likely to emerge in October.


In a nutshell, find time to meditate and
reflect. Getting your life in harmony, inside and out, is really important
right now.


Keep in mind, 12 cycles can sometimes feel like
waiting periods.


I reveal how this number was already active
earlier this year and how this month gives major clues about the themes for


Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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