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I wasn't planning on writing about
the Olympics this early in the game, but yesterday's events prompted me to do
so now.


Friday afternoon, before the
Olympics even began, a terrible tragedy struck an athlete.


Georgian luger Nodar
Kumaritashvili was on the final corner of the Olympic course during official
training, when he had a ‘serious crash' and was propelled off the track at the
Whistler Sliding Center in Vancouver. He died of his injuries.


The opening ceremonies that
evening were dedicated to Kumaritashvili.


At those ceremonies, the climax
called for the cauldron to be lit jointly by four Canadian sports heroes —
all-time hockey great Wayne Gretzky, skier Nancy Greene, basketball All-Star
Steve Nash and speedskater Katrina LeMay Doan.


But the ultimate highlight in any
Olympic ceremony did not go as planned last night.


LeMay Doan was left to stand by
awkwardly when one of the four pillars holding the Olympic cauldron failed to
rise from the stadium floor. She was unable to use her torch.


This means only 3 out of four
torchbearers were able to participate.


I was stunned. I had already
compiled a list of events that day which activated the numbers 12 and 3.


If you recall in my February
Forecast Video
, I revealed that numbers 3 and 5 this month would make the
Olympics quite unstable. This includes situations beyond the athletic


Here's why.


2010 is a 3 Universal Year and
February is a 5 Universal Month. Canada has a 3 Life Purpose and is activating
two very unstable numbers in both February and the Opening Ceremonies


The opening ceremonies happend on
the 12th. When numbers line up a certain way, 12/3 can indicate a
victim situation.



Well yesterday the numbers lined
up in a major way.


1. 2010 a 3 Universal Year.


2. These are the 21st
Winter Olympics. 21 reduces to 3.


3. The Number 12 for February 12th
reduces to 3.


4. Luger Nodar Kumaritashvili wore
Number 30/3 when he died.


5. He was 21 years old – 21
reduces to 3.


6. 2010 was a 12/3 Personal Year
for Kumaritashvili.


7. The glitch later that evening
at the Opening Ceremonies only allowed 3 of the four athletes to light the


It's hard to write all of this
down. The numbers in this case give us more clues than you can bear.


Will there be other disruptions
during the 21st Winter Games.


Yes. Like I said on my video,
Canada's numbers coupled with the Universal Numbers point to more unforeseen
events – both on and off the snow or ice.


Remember too that these Games
began on a 12/3 Day.


I will have a lot more to say
about this during my March seminar – as there is an even deeper significance at
play here.


Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to
one of my favorite sports – figure skating. Hopefully the excitement of downhill
skiing will start soon too. Postponements due to weather are no surprise with
these numbers.


Enjoy the Games and Valentine's

Tania Gabrielle


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