stop-and-smell-the-flowersToday is a game-changer in astro-numerology!

A deep spiritual shift is opening up your awareness.

It's happening on a multi-dimensional level.

Friday, October 16 is a Double 16-16 Day with a powerful celestial event that will affect us for weeks and months to come.

The spiritual breakthroughs lining up as a result of today’s sacred geometry will change many lives.

  • Intuitive AHA moments are releasing years, even lifetimes, of negative patterns.
  • Your awareness is transcending into timelessness.

16 is the number of lightning strike intuitionawareness that comes suddenly and carries the sword of truth.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be instantly shifting from living one way to a new reality… however, the potential for a radical re-awakening – that big undeniable CALL to your soul to manifest only what brings you complete and Ultimate Fulfillment… that call has been activated.

There is no way to turn back to ‘old ways’ – patterns you've held onto for security. These patterns are from a past paradigm that has outlived its purpose.

The truth is no longer hidden.

You are definitely SEEING the light – insights about something important in your life… in a very CLEAR way.

These can seem minor at the time, but they are RADICAL on a soul level.

Here’s why it's all happening now:

A tremendous T-square is being triggered between six planets. Pluto joins in by forming a transformational “trine” – so altogether 7 planets are activated in a remarkable way today.

16 adds up to the root number 7.

7  – the number of sudden change, sudden discoveries, sudden intuitive downloads.

7 – the number bridging the divine and the mundane, heaven and earth, timelessness and keeping time – Neptune square Saturn.

hqdefault-1Saturn squaring Neptune is creating a deep and intense reawakening from NOW through 2016, and that activation is already bringing BIG shifts in how we understand ourselves and each other.

With Neptune, compassion and empathy bridges all hearts to each other eliminating all boundaries, whereas Saturn guarantees we pay attention to structure and boundaries and take our spiritual lessons seriously.

If we resist being honest and choose to escape into the illusion that we are all separate – meaning we assume that nothing we do, say or feel affects anyone else – then we will experience that separation in a very real way.

The T-square that is being triggered for the next weeks consists of Saturn in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces, opposing Mars and Jupiter in Virgo. Venus joins the Mars/Jupiter conjunction this month for a powerfully fortunate triple conjunction in Virgo and the MOON triggers the complete T-Square TODAY!

The Moon entered Sagittarius today. Since Saturn, one of the big planets in the T-square, is in early Sagittarius now, the Moon is teaming up with Saturn, bringing an inner calm and the ability to communicate your feelings in a very honest, sincere way

When I saw this celestial lineup of 7 on October 16/7 planets last month, I was so struck by the SOUL-level awakening I called it a “Wow!” day.

Why are you here?

Who are you with?

What are you doing?

Are you fully committed to that person?

Are you fully committed to what you are doing with your life?

Whatever and whomever you put your heart and soul into, whatever and whomever you are focusing your energy and attention on is taking on a GREAT meaning in your life – more than ever before. You’re being asked HOW you are moving forward with this newfound self-awareness!

This awareness is creating a divine matrix activation.

You’ll feel it in all parts of your life, both personally and professionally. The tectonic plates of matter and time are shifting.

Feel the timelessness. Feel the transcendence.

Float into a space where you see the universal grid of light. Be in that space whenever you can. It transforms YOU into a vessel of bliss and ecstatic joy.

You can access this feeling anytime, anyplace.

Ecstatic joy floods the divine matrix…

Love and Blessings,


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  1. Joanna October 16, 2015 at 2:22 pm - Reply

    So would today be a good day to put my house up for sale? I’m a Taurus with an Aquarius rising.

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