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I've always marveled at how EVIL is LIVE spelled


What a powerful numerological message. Interestingly,
the word LOVE is EVOL spelled backwards. So, to Love and to Live are
intimately connected.


Some words are such powerful symbols, that when
spoken out loud in a certain combination and tone of voice, they create a
visceral shift. This shift, usually unconscious, can be negative or positive.


Here is a simple example. Notice how you feel when
you say out loud, ‘I hate you' compared to ‘I love you'.


Just like money is purely an energy exchange, words
are an aural exchange of energy.


When you look at the word LIVE spelled backwards,
EVIL – see evil as emitting a particular energy. Evil is living with backward momentum instead of forward momentum. Evil
sets you back.


My own acronym for EVIL is:


Energy as Violence Instead of Love.


It takes aggression to live a life backwards.


One way to easily shift reactive or aggressive energy
during a challenging conversation is to change your words.


Language is the barometer of your soul.


Expressing words of Love instead of Fear is an
amazing tool. Try using it to break away from sadness and anger into pure


You can literally love everything to life!


Even if you have to force yourself to express love
and compassion in a difficult situation, try it. You will be amazed at the
power that speaking kind words has on shifting your life. Actually, you have
been shifting your life with words all along – without paying too much
attention. Now make a point on focusing on that split second in time when you
translate your thoughts into language. Choose the language of in-spiration – spiritual language. You will shift your life in
an instant.


Here is a wonderful clue about inspiring words. They
all come from the heart. Take the words LOVE and LIVE. They are in the same
numerology family:


– LOVE resonates to 18/9 in the
Pythagorean system and 21/3 in the Chaldean system.

– LIVE resonates to 21/3 in the
Pythagorean System and 15/6 in the Chaldean system.


Notice how all numbers across the board are in the
3-6-9 'emotional' numerology triad, symbolizing self expression and feeling.


This is not a coincidence.


Lack of feeling – lack of love – results in
separation. If your heart is closed, you cannot share, you cannot give,
you are not able to listen.


Did you know happiness and prosperity begin with a feeling?


July 2011 is an 11 Universal Month – a fantastic
opportunity to walk through the 11 gateway and shift your life with positive
forward momentum.


So… Love your life into joy. Live your life into


Love and Blessings,



P.S. Save these dates: My next big live event begins on 11.11.11 for two
days. Location still under wraps (it will be on the West coast). More info
coming shortly.

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