Even numerologists can miscount at times. And so it was on Sunday with Britney Spears.
Here’s how I discovered I had momentarily lost my ability to add. After bringing my daughter Claire home from school yesterday I sat down to check my emails. There it was. A question from a client who is a numerologist herself. She wrote –
”I have a question regarding this newsletter about Britney. I am having a hard time trying to figure out how you came upon her being in a 13 personal year. Every way I add this up I get she is in a 14 personal year, which I might add, would not be that great of a year for her as well. What am I missing. Please let me know.”

Dorene, you’re right. Thanks for pointing out my mistake. Britney Spears experienced her 13 Personal Year in 2006 not 2007. 2006 is when she divorced Kevin Federline. Divorce is the death of a relationship. Makes a lot of sense.
So why did I miss that.
As Dorene correctly points out, the difficulties Britney is still having now are reflected in BOTH her 13 and 14 Personal Years. The challenges people experience during these two years are similar, which is why I didn’t catch my mistake.
For example, as noted before, 13 is about ‘death’, transformation and letting go.
The 14 Personal Year, the one Britney is going through right now, is about family obligations, competition, and a request to control your sensual appetite. During this year, any social or family problems she experiences signify a deeper challenge – which needs special attention.
This is where the two numbers meet. The deeper challenge I’m referring to is asking Britney to let go of her old ways. The 14 year requests her to undergo a transformation from the inside out. Very similar to the 13 year, but precipitated by outside forces.
Britney of course is in the midst of a custody battle with her former husband – hence the competition. She is certainly feeling a sting and intense scrutiny from both the courts and the public concerning her ability to be a mother to her little boys. As for controlling her sensual appetites –I’ll leave the answer to that one to the tabloids.
So how does this change of numbers affect her in the future. Are her chances for a speedier recovery better. She is, after all, going into a 15/6 year in 2008.
Here’s the simple answer. Yes.
Next year Britney has a tremendous opportunity. The 15 Personal Year will support a radical change in her lifestyle. This change would release her from her present limited and isolated view of who she is. If she is willing, her long held views will undergo a radical change. If she is open, her 15 Year will relax her mind so that she can let go of old fears.
Britney will have to be careful not to burn the candle at both ends. As a celebrity, she has many needs. Satisfying all of them won’t cut it next year.
One final note. Every one of your Personal Years hands you opportunities for growth. Some years are more confronting than others. Like 13 and 14 Personal Years. But it’s HOW you choose to act on the opportunities that will determine whether your year feels good or not.
Never for a moment think that you have to suffer. You only suffer when you refuse to change in the face of challenges. If you accept the challenge as truth, it miraculously turns into an opportunity for success. This is how the greatest progress is always made.
For example, when I’m being confronted by someone or something that is challenging me to respond, as I was yesterday, I don’t shirk away from acting responsibly. Key word here is ACT.
Notice too that the words respond and responsibility are intimately connected.
This is why I want you all to know your numbers. Once you learn about the forces that are active in your life right now, you will be able to act appropriately and wisely. Understanding the significance of your name and numbers will eliminate fear once and for all.
The result? Britney’s experience of her 13 and 14 Personal Years will be very different from yours. Had she known what to expect, she could have prepared herself from the inside out.
Numerology is a sacred tool. Discover its wonders by participating in my monthly teleseminars. Find out how your life is meant to be unfolding. Once you do, positive outcomes will multiply exponentially. You’ll be armed with foreknowledge. Life will never seem like a random series of events again.
Members of the Pythagorean Club can put this date in their calendars:
November 15 from 8–10PM EST.
I look forward to helping you out too. So join today.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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