At my Prosperity Power Seminar I revealed how several highly successful people are using their Personal Wealth Formula.


Oprah Winfrey was one of my case studies. Hers is an important example, because part of her Wealth Formula includes the number 16/7. You might be surprised at how number 16 can attract wealth.


This is the great secret of numerology - and of all of life.


Every symbol has two meanings. One is what we term 'positive', and the other is the shadow side, or what we call 'negative'. Both parts of the number are important to understand in order for you to activate the frequency in an empowering way.


In my newsletters I often show how a 16/7 name brings challenging events. This is because - in a current name - 16 symbolizes a person with a crown on his or her head being struck by lightning and falling from a high place. In Tarot, 16 represents the Tower card.


The number 16 is a wake-up call IF you are not listening and acting on your heart-centered intuition.


If you are ignoring your innate intuitive connection to God and the Universe, you will attract situations that 'shatter' your illusions, and your 'tower' crumbles.


However, if you ARE connected, you will reach the great heights symbolized by that very tower without having to take a fall.  Many great achievers have the 16/7 in their birth blueprints. Yes, they will be tested with setbacks, but in the end, what these people all share is an innate understanding that 'your inner voice' is the only voice you want to listen to.


Some famous people who have risen to the occasion using this powerful number to their advantage are - Michael Phelps with an 88/16/7 Destiny, and Madonna, James Madison and Eckardt Tolle who are all born on a 16/7 Day.


Notice, I am not mentioning anyone who has a 16 current name. That's because your current name is separate part of your blueprint - it is not tied to your birth astro-numerology. This is good news - because you can always choose to change your current name if it happens to resonate to 16.


Oprah is another great example of someone who is using her powerful 16 to her advantage.


Winfrey's Destiny Number, based on her birth certificate name, is 97/16/7. Now there are several pages I could write just about that number - it is so appropriate for her!


I'll just mention Oprah's book club, for one. People with an important '7' in their birth astro-numerology LOVE books. They usually have large libraries. They just love to learn and study human nature, whether through novels, spiritually based books or self-improvement biographies.


Born with a prominent 16/7 as her Destiny means Oprah has a great opportunity to reach the 'top' very quickly. That 'crown' on your head symbolizes being a respected leader in your community or the world at large.


In fact, it gets even more fascinating when you look at Oprah's astrology.


In Oprah's astrology birth chart she has Jupiter, the planet of expansion, opportunity and optimism on her Midheaven. In astrology, Midheaven is at the top of your chart and symbolizes your career.


The degree of Jupiter on Oprah's Midheaven is 16.


Isn't it amazing that her Destiny Number, which also symbolizes her career, is also 16 !


In fact, these numerological correlations are there for you as well. This is why I have expanded my service to incorporate astro-numerology - both ancient sciences are completely connected and give great details about you, your gifts, relationships, career and your forecast.


So how is the number 16 reflected in Oprah's life.


As you know, 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' is coming to a close this month. It is the highest-rated talk show in American television history, and the longest-running daytime television talk show in the U.S. with over 24 seasons and nearly 5,000 episodes.


Oprah's final show airs on May 25,


The 25 Universal Day reduces to 7,
mirroring Oprah's 16/7 career numbers.


Oprah is in a 16/7 Personal Year
right now.


5.25.2011 adds up to 16/7 -
Oprah's Destiny Number.


This shows that Oprah has completely
utilized the positive side of her powerful 16/7, which happens to be placed,
both numerologically and astrologically, in the career section of her birth blueprints.


The fact that the Universal Day
and Universal Date both reflect her Destiny number also shows that Oprah's
reach has extended worldwide.


Oprah trusts her intuition and, in
return, she was rewarded in a big way.


So, you see, there is no need to
be afraid when a number shows up in your birth chart or in your current cycles.
Just understand your numbers and current cycles so you can completely
capitalize on the POSITIVE opportunities in your life.


Notice I haven't mentioned the
same empowering qualities for current names that add up to 16/7.


Current names are a separate
branch of numerology and their great influence on the quality of your life has
nothing to do with your birth blueprint.


16 current names are never


So, when you next experience the
number 16/7 in your life, embrace the powerful opportunity this number gives
you to trust your intuition - the greatest soure of truth and wisdom in your


Think of intuition this way.


In-tuition is your inner tuition - by trusting it you create an 'in' to the greatest 'tuition' there is.


Tuition is defined as payment
received for the art and act of imparting wisdom. By trusting your intuition,
you are paying yourself tuition, in every sense of the word.


Oprah Winfrey is a great example
of that.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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