I always liked Paul Newman. He was a great human being. Someone who quietly went out of his way to help others.

Newman lived a long 83 years despite being a former chain smoker. His love of life and his passion to give were key to his long life.

The numbers for Newman's birth and death are extraordinary.

September 26, the day he died, adds up to a 27/9 Universal Day. Amazingly, for Paul Newman Friday was a 36/9 Personal Day.

9 is the number of the humanitarian leader. It's a very expressive vibration and can indicate great wisdom.

As it happens, Paul Newman's Destiny was a 72/9.

When I see these correlations I know the man fulfilled his potential. Both as a leader and humanitarian. Both his Day of Birth and Death signify the same message. Newman inspired countless others by his example. And THAT is what the 9 stands for. Living and showing by example.

Newman was born on the 26th and passed away on the 26th. His name, ‘Paul Newman' also reduces to an 8. It adds up to the ‘Immortality' Number, 178.

His penchant for auto-racing and attracting abundance are certainly indicative of the 8.

Why auto-racing. Because it requires you to be very fit. Many athletes have an 8 in their blueprint.

During his life his ‘Newman's Own' food company donated 250 millyon to charity. In June, knowing he didn't have long to live, he quietly donated another 120 millyon from his own fortune to charity. And he's made sure his organic salad dressings and cookies
continue to help others.

His 17/8 current name is certainly continuing to attract abundance.

Paul Newman's life inspires me. I love the fact that he took his blueprint and elevated the numbers he was given to their full potential. I shall miss him.

Also on the 26th we had our first Presidential Debate. Or maybe I should say ‘Non-Debate.'

In a moment I'll show you the fateful relationship  between Friday's 26/8 Day and the U. S. Blueprint.

What struck me is this. McCain and Obama didn't want to touch the ‘bailout' fiasco. What they did do is live up to their numbers for the day. McCain with his double 11s and 1 Personal Day went on the attack. He was more aggressive that night. Obama with his double
4s and 3 Personal Day was uplifting, eloquent and grounded.

It was a show, of course. Had it been a real debate there would have been real ‘straight talk.'

Both men are obviously not risking anything in order to claim residence at the White House.  Risk would have required that they address the news that broke that very day – namely the largest failure in U.S. banking history – Washington Mutual.

Let's talk real numbers here.

McCain and Obama didn't address the four most  important words in the bailout plan – ‘at any one time.'

You'll see these four words every time a bailout  amount is mentioned. They were used in the draft and were kept in place in the plan Congress is looking at today.

What does ‘at any one time' mean.

That the 700 billyon is a rolling amount – not a ceiling.

In other words, it's an Arbitrary number.

As someone who deals with numbers I have watched and listened to more than my share of news this past week. And I can tell you what hundreds of economists know – the numbers don't add up.

Numbers are simple. They don't lie. I wouldn't trust these people with my monee or my numerological profile.

So how do the numbers for the first Debate tie into America. It took place  on a fateful day – the 26th. This means a slew of numbers were set off on Friday.

As the law of 4 and 8 magnetic attraction shows, the 26/8 Day activated July 4, 1776 for the U.S. It also activated Obama and McCain's 17/8 current names. And it activated Obama's 4 Day of Birth, his current 22/4 year and McCain's 76/8 Destiny.

That's a lot of magnetic and fateful energy.

When an important U.S. event falls on a 4 or 8 Day two possibilities arise.

1. There's an opportunity to overcome and address fateful events – such as the bank bailout – with strength, fortitude and leadership.

2. There's an equally strong temptation to ignore the facts and reap the fateful repercussions at a later date.

Here's something to keep in mind.

The final Presidential Debate takes place on 10.15.2008 – a very significant date. There are three very important numbers embedded on that day – including the 17/8.

Since I started with Paul Newman, let's look at his name once again. He shares the same current name number, 17/8, with John McCain and Barack Obama. It's a number of great power. A vibration symbolizing an immortal legacy of some kind.

Paul Newman fulfilled his destiny. He definitely was supported by his fortunate name number.

Since your current name is an activator, make sure Your goals are supported and activated by a good name too.

Warmest Regards,

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