merapi_eruption_2002.jpgAfter a hectic week finishing up on a major project, I woke
up this morning to – snow. Perfect in so many ways.


White is a purification color. It
cleanses and helps you release deep-set emotions. My new house is also white on
the inside. When a color – or number – appears prominently in your life, pay
attention. There is always a message.


November this year carries a
special message as well.


The double 1 in 11 is going to be
carried over into 2011 next year. One of the results is that oncurrent dramatic
events will be happening worldwide.


This morning when I checked the
headlines on my iPhone, I saw stories on the erupting Merapi Volcano in
Indoesia, a deadly attack on a mosque in Pakistan, Hurrricane Tomas slamming
into already-devastated Haiti today, a plane crash in Cuba, and another
suspicious package in a major American airport and – just in
a NASA research
in Ohio under lockdown with a possible gunman reported.


In times past, these events would
be spread out on separate days.


Now everything is happening at a
much faster pace.


This is to be expected. 2010 was
the beginning of an extremely potent period here on earth.


There is a code in the numbers of
years 2010, 2011 and 2012. I will be writing about this in the future.


For now, keep in mind that we are
in a 5 Universal Month.


And today is November 5.


5 is a very active, transformative
frequency. And today, a Double 5 is combined with the number 3 – the Universal
Year for 2010.


Very, very potent energy.


Both 5 and 3 sit on a rocker. In
combination these two numbers bring major change and unexpected events. Across
the board – from world events to each of our personal lives.


I have found that it is precisely
when you are taken off guard that the biggest internal changes can be made.


And so it is today, and this whole


Transformation is in the air. It
is a great opportunity.


Allow the change that November
2010 is bringing to release all that needs to go.


Tomorrow I will have my November
forecast video for you explaining the numbers for November 2010 in great


I will show you what you can do to
protect yourself.


Keep in mind, when you know how
YOUR personal numbers are being activated right NOW – you get the whole
picture. You then know your personal story as it relates to the bigger events
around you.


Your Next 12 Months‘ report gives
you the tools to be present moment by moment for the next year. Be sure you
have yours handy.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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