penelope and javier.jpgThis morning comes news of yet
another celebrity marriage. Spanish acting royalty Penelope Cruz and Javier
Bardem secretly tied the knot at a friend's house in the Bahamas earlier this


Penelope and Javier have very
strong compatibility and fireworks between their numbers.


When I see three out of six
categories in Harmony, I know the relationship has a good chance of lasting.
Even with some conflict between their other numbers, they have a wonderful
magnetism between them.


Cruz and Bardem also share four
out of six numbers – adding additional strength to their bond.


Having many numbers in common
between partners essentially means, both speak the same language and can
understand each other deeply and effortlessly.


Their current cycles reveal even


2010 is a 17/8 Personal Year for
Penelope Cruz. The 8 activates her 35/8 Life Purpose Number beautifully. Plus
17 indicates the union will leave a legacy behind.


July is a 24/6 Personal Month for
her – and for her new husband July adds up to 14/5. These numbers indicate a
higher likelihood that Penelope might be pregnant sooner than later.


carrie underwood and mike fisher.jpg

Another well publicized and big
wedding took place on Saturday between country singer Carrie Underwood and her
hockey player beau, Mike Fisher.


Like Penelope Cruz, Carrie
Underwood is activating her Life Purpose Number in 2010.


Anytime you are in a current cycle
that is the same frequency as one of your three important birth numbers – your
Day of Birth, Life Purpose or Destiny Numbers – it takes on a special more
potent meaning. Life gets intense, busy and exciting as you are given more
opportunities and challenges to overcome.


In essence, you feel the spotlight
on you more than during other cycles, allowing you to surpass obstacles and
create major breakthroughs.


Amazingly, Carrie's new husband,
hockey player Mike Fisher, is also activating one of his three main personal
numbers in 2010. He was born on the 5th, and 2010 is a 14/5 Personal
Year for him.


When comparing the numbers for
Carrie and Mike, there is less compatibility than we saw with Penelope and
Javier. They do have enough in common though to make the marriage work – though
it will take more effort on their part.


Professionally Carrie Underwood is
keeping her name – a good thing since it resonates to a highly fortunate 60/6.


Personally she is going with
Carrie Marie Fisher. Luckily that name is also fantastic for her – a 15/6. For
Carrie, who is world famous, a personal change of name will not make a big
difference. I say this because, as I tell all my clients, it is best to have
only ONE current name to activate the frequency fully. Otherwise you are
diluting the numbers.


Penelope Cruz has not announced a
name change  – also a good thing.


Hers is an interesting story. She
was born Penelope Cruz Sanchez. Had she gone with Penelope Sanchez, the name
number would have been a very challenging 12/3.


In contrast, ‘Penelope Cruz',
resonates to the powerful ‘Instant Manifestation' number – 10/1.


If you took on a new name in
marriage, it is important to check whether the spelling is helping you or
causing challenges.


Keep in mind that adding just one
letter – such as a middle initial – changes your vibration instantly.


Make sure the name you are using today adds up to a good frequency. Your ‘Is My Name Fortunate?' report will
ensure you are being supported right now.


Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. See how compatible the
numbers are between you and your spouse, partner, co-worker or family member as
revealed in the ‘Are Your Numbers In Love?' Blueprint.

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