My good friend Colette Baron-Reid was
instrumental in helping me change my name. She went through the process years
before I did.


Both of us have benefitted in wonderful ways,
both personally and professionally.


So when I read stories in the news, the first
thing I do is check the person's current name number. Even without a person's
birth info, a current name reveals so much.


So it goes for these recent news stories.


You may have heard, Randy Quaid and wife Evi
were arrested in September for allegedly defrauding a California inn-keeper, as
well as burglary and conspiracy at a Santa Barbara hotel.


Elizabeth Smart, who was abducted and held for 9
months in 2002, was in the news recently as well. She testifed against her


What do they have in common?


Challenging current name numbers.


elizabeth smart.jpg

‘Elizabeth Smart' has an 11/2 name. What I
noticed is that she was born on a 3 Day. She also has a 30/3 Life Purpose
Number derived from her full birthday. This double 3 explains why she is
studying music and wants to be a professional harpist, since 3 is the number of
performance, joy and self-expression.


On the other hand, the 3 can tie into the 12/3
victim number as well.


When combined with Elizabeth's challenging 11/2
current name, she will be attracting unnecessary challenges that tie into this


I recommend she change the spelling of her name
to ‘Ellizabeth Smart'. This gives her a fortunate 14/5 name as well as the
divine protection of a double letter – in her case the two Ls.


As for Randy Quaid and his wife, they too have
challenging names.


‘Randy Quaid' adds up to 26/8 and ‘Evi Quaid' to
25/7. Both are not name numbers I recommend.


randy quaid.jpg

On top of that Randy is in a 13/4 Personal Year
right now. Plus, in September he was experiencing a 22/4 Personal Month. This
Double 4 cycle triggered his challenging 26/8 name even more. This is because
4s and 8s have a magnetic, fateful relationship with each other.


So Quaid's challenging name number was even more
activated during the time of his arrest.


Yes, the number of your name can be triggered by
not only your birth blueprint, but also the current cycles in your life.


Having a fortunate name will prevent these kinds
of obstacles of entering your life. Make sure yours is fortunate too. Get your
‘Is My Name Fortunate?' report now.


Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. Tomorrow I'm making a Big announcement –
I'm really excited about this. Stay tuned.

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