Last weekend we were in Los Angeles for a special screening of Pixar's Up. What a treasure this movie is. I absolutely loved it.

We watched the movie in a beautiful theater with all the amazing people behind the soundtrack – including the genius composer, Michael Giacchino who also wrote the music for Ratatouille, Lost, The Incredibles and Star Trek.

Up touched me deeply and so I wanted to know more about the release date and the name.

I'm happy to report there is lots of good news.

Amazingly the name ‘Up' adds up to the Media Number. Very, very fortunate for a movie since it gives the film magnetic attraction AND people will want to spread the word. That's because 5 symbolizes crowds of people.

You'll also see why the release date helped propel ‘Up' to the TOP of the box office rankings. And how the opening weekend intake ties in perfectly with Up's magical name.

Have a Great Weekend,
Tania Gabrielle

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