game of lifeHere’s a fun fact. It's one of the keys to wealth and prosperity.

The universe loves to play.

Games are fun because the outcome is unpredictable. And so it goes with the games YOU play.

Today's numerology code is a playful pivot point of endings and new beginnings.

  • March is a 10/1 Universal Month.
  • March 9 is a Universal Day of culmination and endings.

9 and 1 always invoke a shift – a natural change of direction in the Cycle of Life.

As you play the game, by choosing one of many endings to your current experience, the universe waits for your choice – and responds accordingly. No matter how you feel at the end of the game, you’ll always get another chance to play again.

Right now is one of those moments when it’s easier to release and move forward.

Once you make the choice to end an experience you’ll be faced with a decision on what to do NEXT.

Your personal code will ensure you get in touch with certain subject matters. You choose your moment of birth in the grand design of life. Your birth code provides you with a map. As to the NATURE of the roads taken or not taken while playing the game, that choice is up to you.

The two important rules in this game are:

  1. It all depends on the choices you make.
  2. There is more than one version of your future outcomes.

The secret is to focus on the reality you would like to experience right now, as if it were already happening… and the outcome will naturally be drawn to you.

Playing the game is so much fun because the universe is waiting for YOU to tell it your next move! You decide by what you choose to THINK about, the WORDS you speak and your ACTIONS.

So, if you don’t like where you’re going, change direction.

Simple as that. 9 and 1 create a pivot point – a natural moment of direction change. Don’t be afraid to take it.

This game is unfolding beautifully every day. Remember:

You are exactly where you have to be at any moment in order to experience precisely what you CHOOSE to.

Since all experiences are your choice, don’t try to avoid them.

Ignoring what you’ve chosen anyways leads only to disillusionment and dis-ease.

Today celebrate JOY. Joyful endings. Joyful beginnings. Always, no matter what the moment brings, PLAY with it. Have fun!

Love and Abundance,


P.S. Once you implement the secrets in your Personal Numerology Blueprint, you can play the game of life with joyful abandon!

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  1. geert March 11, 2014 at 8:20 am - Reply

    Thank you for sharing this Tania, i’m learning a lot about numerology these days and came across your website. I really appreciate how you give new perspective to this sacred art of divination through numbers. Blessings, namasté

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