Summer girl happy in sunflower flower field. Cheerful multiracial Asian Caucasian young woman joyful, smiling with arms raised up.One of the most healing moments in a person's life occurs when they feel loved.

Flooded by the elixir of love, you recognize yourself as a being of light.

As the happy recognition of your true state of being translates into tingles of joy, you feel a blissful buzz. Your inner song recognizes its divine coordinates in the grid of the universe.

Today's Libra New Moon prepares you to reap the rewards of a special celestial event that builds to a crescendo in October.

Jupiter, Venus and Mars shower you with blessings this month.

As you plug in to the coordinates of joy you will experience a moment-to-moment internal shift:

Peaceful, vibrant self awareness reaches into every fiber of your current experience.

Clarity infuses your every gesture and thought.

You communicates the truth of your experience and ignite the inner fire of truth in everyone you have is sheer joy of communicating with.

Tears of gratitude well up and bless you.

Laughter is shared and giggles spontaneously erupt as you share with uninhibited fervor.

You are moved by everyone you come into contact with.

You are moved by life itself.

Your joy infuses the grid of life with joy.

This touches you deeply while touching others magically.

Imagine receiving a long, tender, warm hug. You are held in the arms of another for what seems like forever. An eternal moment. You feel profound spontaneous healing as you experience the physical expression of love. Touching another, hugging another translates energetically as plugging into the divine grid of love.

In connecting your heart with the love and light of all beings on this grid, spontaneous healing is generated within you.

You have constant and instant access to your coordinates  of joy – your code of happiness.

As the Libra New Moon lights up the amazingly fortunate triple conjunction between Jupiter, Venus and Mars which continues resonating abundance, love and expansion for the rest of October – you have an unprecedented opportunity to activate your own personal coordinates of joy.

Your Jupiter Wealth Code reveals your Joy coordinates. They are rooted in your time and place of birth.

Recognizing your code and putting it into action plugs you into the divine grid.

Discover your Jupiter wealth code blueprint – your 3 coordinates of joy.

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Have a magnificent New Moon awakening!

Love and Hugs,


P.S. When you accept yourself as a blessing, when you accept yourself as a gift and you do so with the deepest gratitude, when you love who you are, you become a river of overflowing joy. Your inner song creates itself moment by moment – an outward expression of creation, or an inner expression of deep silence. Anyone whom you connect with while experiencing transcendence will also feel this blissful silence and hear their inner music. This is the celestial moment. Embrace these moments with the deepest thankfulness.

Discover our divine coordinates of joy here.

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