Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 12.21.12 PMWhen Pope Benedict XVI resigned on Monday, February 11, the world was in shock.

The last pope to willingly step down was Celestine V in 1294. His resignation was called “the great refusal”.

It is a big deal when a pope steps down. Benedict’s predecessor, John Paul II, did not resign over his ill health the last decade of his reign. It is felt that a division could be caused by having an ‘ex-pope’ and a new pope alive at the same time.

This scenario of a ‘division’ actually plays out in the numerology code for Pope Benedict XVI.

First of all, he resigned on what was an 11 Personal Day for him. A gateway into the unknown, 11also symbolizes incompletion and division.

Amazingly, Pope Benedict resigned on February 11!

Just as striking is the activation of the number 16 in his papacy and his life.

1. ‘XVI’ that follows Benedict is the roman numeral 16.

2. Pope Benedict was born on the 16th.

3. He is currently in a 16 Personal Year.

16 symbolizes great spiritual breakthroughs and rising to a position of power – or a person with a crown on his or her head being struck by lightning and falling from a high place.

For that reason, I would not have encouraged him to re-emphasize this number in his formal title.

There is another powerful frequency that influenced his reign.

His current name.

‘Pope Benedict’ adds up to 12 – the “Victim Number” when it crops up as a name frequency.

12 names create emotional stress and a forgetfulness of previously learned lessons. To read, learn and inquire. But he may forget to look INSIDE for wisdom and become a victim orvictimizer.

Adding the Roman numerals XVI, signifying 16, to “Pope Benedict”, creates another name number of frustrating contradictions.

On the one hand the name ‘Pope Benedict XVI’ can achieve success. On the other hand he may trust the wrong people and have to face powerful opposition. It’s a cautious vibration that requires constant discipline.

So both versions are challenging.

Contrast that to Pope John Paul II, one of the most beloved of popes, whose current name was fortunate.

“Pope John Paul” resonates to 19, the “Prince of Heaven” name number. Add the roman numeral II and he had a highly fortunate 21/3 current name.

This brings me to YOU. By reading this newsletter, you know that the name you choose to carry right now is either fortunate – or not.

I have found that nearly 80 percent of my clients have a challenging current name.

Be sure to check your name today (I’ll give you several fortunate alternatives, if necessary):

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A fortunate name is a powerful frequency. Shift your life today.

In Love and Abundance,

Tania Gabrielle

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