Today is March 8.

March, 2012 is also an 8 Universal Month. So we have a double 8 active today.

Double 8 energy brings tremendous opportunity for empowerment. You have the strength today to transcend your fears, overcome perceived challenges, and GO for it.

There’s one more important part of today’s numerology equation:

3.8. 2012 adds up to 16.

Now, you might say, “oh no, 16 is one of those scary numbers…”

Actually, 16 is only scary depending on your perspective. All of life is a matter of perspective.

Yes,  being in a 16 cycle often attracts unexpected twists and turns. You will feel confronted IF you have not paid attention to your inner voice. You may even feel like ‘a person with a crown on her head being struck by lightning and taking a fall’ In other words,16/7 does wake you up and take you to the next level of spiritual empowerment.

OK, so what if you have one of those ‘wake up’ experiences? If you happen to ‘take a fall’ you will eventually land on your two feet. At this point you have two options.

One is to invest in being hurt and damaged. Now you’re counting on the pain to feel alive inside. You have forgotten who you are (a powerful creator of your life) and made the decision to write a story of a painful life. You can play out this script for as long as you like.

OR, you can choose to get up, brush yourself off and look closely at the series of thoughts and actions that brought you up to this point in time.

You can then set a strong intention to take lemons and make lemonade.

You will choose to bless the process, engage fully in your life and experience the never-ending joyful cycle of self-creation.

You will choose to end the loneliness and join the supreme Creator, the divine force from which you came and to which you always belong.

So here’s the other good news about 16 days, months or years.

16 brings sudden opportunities. The potential to shift quickly into an exciting new direction is really strong

But you must follow be totally authentic to who you are. You must be in tune with your true purpose.

Since 2012 is about embracing fearlessness and making bold changes so you can pivot your life into a profound, new, exciting, AUTHENTIC direction – this theme of release and renewal will only intensify as the year goes on.

Early next week we have a tremendous opportunity for supremely positive change. There is a beautiful Astro-Numerology event coming our way at that time.

More on what that means for you in my next e-newsletter.

For now, remember it is YOU who give your life meaning.

Nothing has any meaning until you GIVE it meaning!

When events happen that carry a negative meaning for you, transcend the event by assigning a new meaning. You can do this in an instant, especially with humor – laugh it off. You can do this by saying out loud that NOTHING is worth losing your peace over. Nothing can injure you unless you accept that you are deeply hurt.

All is a matter of what meaning you choose to give it.

In 2012 your perspective, your choices are lighting your world on FIRE.

So be really observant about how you think and feel, particularly in the realm of all your relationships.

Whatever you say will be exactly what you experience.

Many Blessings,


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  1. Alison Hilary March 8, 2012 at 6:05 pm - Reply

    Thank you for this Tania, what you do is such a living resource! Recently I picked up smoking to use as a crutch during a family tremor. Today I went outside to do it and was swarmed by bees that are waking up right now. I ran inside and took a shower and then read this! Wake up call and AhHa! I’m gathering the energy to leave old repetitive patterns behind! Thank you for the reminder!
    With love,

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