While I was traveling several news
stories broke.


I will look at two of the stories
– the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and Faisal Shahzad, accused of
planting explosives in a van at Times Square.


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BP oil .jpg

On April 20 there was a
‘catastrophic' explosion aboard a BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.


As I have said before, April was a
month of unexpected, sudden events. This oil spill has turned into one of the biggest
events that month. Now it's effects are getting greater every day.


‘BP' stands for ‘British
Petroleum', the UK's largest corporation and the 4th largest
corporation in the world.


No surprise then that ‘BP' adds up
to 10/1 in the ancient Chaldean system I use for current names. And that ‘British
Petroleum' is a 17/8.


These two numbers, especially in
combination, are very powerful.


10 is the ‘Instant Manifestation'
number. It attracts events faster than any other number – positive or negative.
People and entities with 10 names are either loved, or hated, depending on how
their magnetism influences others – positively or negatively.


17/8 is the ‘Immortality' Number.
It represents leaving a great legacy behind. Since 8 represents the flow of
energy, this vibration attracts prosperity and power.


Here's how the events unfolding
now in the Gulf of Mexico or being triggered. When the number 8 comes together
with another 8, fateful events often occur.


Notice how the oil rig explosion
occurred in April, a 7 Universal Month. However, the repercussions on the
environment and livelihood of so many who live along the Gulf coast suddenly
got much more dramatic in May.


May, 2010 is an 8 Universal Month.
‘British Petroleum' is a 17/8 current name.


So here we have an 8 cycle for the
world combined with a 17/8 current name for the oil company. This trigger is
setting up a lot of drama. An untold number of species, sea life and
livelihoods are threatened. Remember 2010 – a 3 Universal Year – is about
dramatic, emotional events.


As a result, I expect the effects
of this oil rig explosion to continue to unfold dramatically in May.


As for ‘Faisal Shahzad', accused
of planting bombs in Times Square – his current name adds up to 16/7. This is
not a name number I ever recommend to anyone because it indicates reaching a
point of success followed by great challenges.


16/7 names symbolize a lightning
strike toppling a person or entity from a high place.


The undercurrent of this story is
a power struggle – between the West and Islam. We will see more struggles for
power between factions and nations as the month of May unfolds. Since 8
represents power, the need for power is great this month, so there could be
much behind-the-scenes infighting.


This has already been demonstrated when Iranian President
Amhadinejad spoke yesterday at a UN conference. The response to his presence has
created an even greater rift.


Tomorrow I will post my May
Forecast Video and give you all the details on this powerful month.


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Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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