Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.14.32 AMBlizzard warnings are blanketing the northeast of the U.S.

Blowing into the New England seaboard with a possible 2-3 inches-an-hour of snow later today, let's look at how the power number 8 – signifying infinity, strength and power – is activated today.

1. First, the word “Blizzard” has 8 letters.

2. Lying right in the middle of BliZZard are two Z’s, representing the number 8 in the Pythagorean alphabet.

3. The word “Blizzard” adds up to 44/8 in the Western tradition.

No matter where you live, the number 8 is doubly active today.

4. The major storm is striking during February, 2013 – an 8 Universal Month.

5. Today is February 8.

6. The last major blizzard hit the same area 35 years ago this week. 35 adds up to 8.

7. Today is a 16/7 Universal Day of sudden ‘lightning strike' events.

8. February 9 is a 17/8 Universal Date and follows today's February 8 Day. 17 symbolizes leaving a legacy behind…

This is a striking and intense formula activating on many levels. Thus the effect of the power number 8 is greatly intensified.

Also, keep in mind that Neptune entered Pisces recently, it’s ‘home’ sign, where it will stay for twelve more years. Thus water events – including snow storms – are favored and magnified.

Hurricane Sandy exemplified this magnification. This blizzard is even following a similar path as Sandy did.

Names translate to numbers that emit specific frequencies.

For example, the acronym “FEMA” (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has a current name frequency of 18! That's a highly challenging name number. 18 symbolizes deception, strife, power and notably danger from the elements – such as storms!

“Christopher Jordan Dorner” also has an 18 current name. He's the ex-LA cop being searched for now in Southern California.

Shorten his current name to “Christopher Dorner” and it ends up just as challenging.

Numbers always give you clues – long term and short term insights. They create powerful cyclical roadmaps.

Numbers demystify and support you so you can plan your life!

Today's 8 Day in February's 8 Month is attracting strength,  empowerment and manifestation. Focus on what you want and implement!

If you live in the blizzard's path, hunker down and stay warm this weekend.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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