This morning while driving home after dropping my daughter off at school
I heard that Jayson Blair was speaking at an ethics conference.


How ironic, I thought.


You may remember, Blair was the disgraced
reporter who was fired from the New York Times after
he was caught plagiarizing and
fabricating elements of his stories.


Well, one of the secrets in your name is that you can create
words, or anagrams, from the letters of your name to give you some inside info about
your tendencies. For Blair what jumped out at me was his last name.


The letters for Blair contain the word ‘liar.'


Now, some of you may have these same four letters spread
across your current name as well – remember it is the current name I am talking
about – but this doesn't necessarily mean you lie a lot.


What it does mean is that at some point in your life you may
have been tempted or acted out the meaning of the word ‘liar.'


Let's look at some other anagrams found in ‘Jayson Blair.'


These words pop out – jail, nosy, banal, salary,
brain, bias, yarn, sonar and irony.


In my last seminar I taught the art of
lexigramming. This is where you take the anagrams in a person's name and create
phrases. It's a very potent and sacred tool. In March during the ‘Secrets and
Mysteries' seminar
I will be elaborating more about the powerful revelations contained
in lexigrams.


Just last night I helped a well-known leader in
her field identify why she was having challenges with some of her colleagues. We
identified hidden tendencies that confirmed her intuitition.


There are wonderful and good qualities you can
find in names as well. And some very interesting hints.


For example, ‘President Barack Obama'  – his new current name – contains the
names of these six countries – Iran, Pakistan, Korea, Panama, America and


This shows me where much of the focus of Obama's
Presidency will be.


Another topic we will look at in great detail
are the hidden meanings behind the most important letters in your name. There's
so much symbolism just in your letters, and they give amazing clues to your


So be sure to join me and many other likeminded
people in Sedona next March to discover these powerful secrets and much, much

Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. Enjoy the free gifts while they are still


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