This morning came the announcement
of Prince William's engagement to Kate Middleton.


Though this is no surprise, the
date of the announcement immediately caught my eye. It connects their union to
William's late mother, Princess Diana, amongst other things.


First, let's look at whether their
number frequencies are compatible.


William and Kate share three of
six numbers – a great indication of a deep and lasting bond.


Their individual categories show both
harmony and conflict. Like many couples they have their ups and downs. However,
with the three numbers they share, Kate and William should always find a way to
mend their occasional differences.


The main conflict in their union
plays out in terms of their careers. There are issues in the future about how
each of them feels about each other's work. So there may be a lack of support on
that level.


Interestingly, ALL three of Kate
and William's shared numbers are in the 3-6-9 emotional triad. So their bond
FEELS strong. Also, Kate's birth numbers indicate she will love being a mother.


Nothing happens by accident with
the British Royal Family.


As I have mentioned, the royals
know their ancient sciences, including the powerful frequencies revealed in names,
dates and numbers.


Case in point. Today is the 16th,
a number directly connected to William's late mother, Princess Diana.


Most of Diana's numbers and the
important dates in her life added up to 7 or 16/7.


Princess Diana 2.jpg

Diana was born in the 7th month of
July. Her birthday July 1, 1961 adds up to 25. This is her Life Purpose Number.
25 reduces to a root number of 7.


Notice Diana was born in the 61st year of the 20th century. 61 is a reverse mirroring of 16/7, setting up a powerful dynamic.


The announcement that the inquest,
or investigation, into Diana's death would be aired live on British television
came on July 16, 2004.


Amazingly, the current name for
‘Prince William' adds up to 43/7.


These numbers symbolize sudden,
transformative events that appear out of nowhere and change your life forever.


Also of note are the reverse
mirroring of numbers 21 and 12.


1. The Universal date today –
11.16.2010 – adds up to 12/3.


2. Prince William was born on
the 21st – the summer solstice.


3. The wedding precedes the
Queen's Golden Jubilee in 2012 – the 12th year of the 21st


4. 2012 is the year the
Olympics are held in London. 


5. If Prince William ever
becomes ‘King William', his current name number will be 12/3.


Finally, we have the presence
of number 11 – symbolizing the Portal into the Unkown.


Prince William and Kate Middleton
are marrying in 2011 when both of them will turn 29/11 years old. This sets up
a Double New Beginning for them and the Royal Family. Remember, next year is
the 11th year of the century and both Kate and William will be
activating the 11 at the same time.


As a royal insider commented
today on CNN, this announcement today and the wedding in 2011 were planned a
long, long time ago.


Every date, every name is
carefully considered.


These numbers again signify a shift
happening on Earth at this time. The announcement on 11.16.2010 is another sign
of rapid transformation.


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Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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