Webinar for May 15Everything around us is changing.

And that means YOU are changing too.

In 2013 we are transforming to the point where NOTHING can derail us from staying firmly grounded – no matter what is occurring around us.

As you know, change stirs things up!

There’s a transition period, when you adjust and acclimate to NEW feelings, new rhythms and environments.

In 2013, a 6 Universal Year, powerful astro-numerology formations are lining up, especially between the months of May and November.

During this time it is vital for you to stop resisting what is inevitable in order to leverage the powerful forces at your service!

Yes, the great news is…opportunities are greater than ever!

I want you to be prepared so you thrive during these mega-changes over the next six months.

So please join me LIVE online for “How to Face Your Fears… and Prosper in 2013”.

Watch this virtual webinar from the comfort of your home!

It’s happening on Wednesday, May 15 at 11 am Pacific, 2 pm Eastern – a powerful day of Abundance.

I’ll be recording the event for you too!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

–       The meaning and remedy for each “Pluto square Uranus” position throughout the horoscope.

–       How to alchemize the powerful astro-numerology alignments into Abundance.

–       Where Saturn in Scorpio is affecting your personally – this is the biggest reality check in decades!

–       The secret numbers code being triggered in the planets from May – November.

–       What specifically you must focus on between May and November in order to release emotional/mental blocks to your success

… plus you can interact with me and ask questions!

Here’s a video I created for you with all the details.

**Only a limited amount of seats will be available for this special webinar.

I can’t wait to ‘see’ you!

In Love and Abundance,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. The information I am sharing with you is so powerful, you will be using it for ALL of 2013 … and beyond. Join me at “Prosper in 2013”.


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