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Can ONE Game-Changer Really Increase, or Even Double Your Financial Abundance in 2018?

Dear Lightbeing,

If you’re a dedicated soul-centered entrepreneur…

Someone who is engaged with heart and soul in actively working to grow your business …

Then this may be the most important thing you’ll read this year.

Because I’m going to show you the most income increasing discovery I’ve made … and show you how to apply it to so you can grow your business.

I say – “most income increasing discovery I’ve ever made” because …

2017 was my best year ever.

By “best”, what I mean is, “most abundant year ever.”

Even better, it allowed me to travel, go on FUN TRIPS to beautiful resorts. And take my daughter Clara, an aspiring concert pianist, to international music festivals in Europe, and take time off to just enjoy time with my friends and loved ones.

How did it happen?

Very simple.

I realized The One Thing I truly love to do.

And… started to eliminate ALL activities I didn’t feel drawn to anymore – stuff that zapped me of energy instead of firing me up from the inside out.

As a result, I attracted many exciting new opportunities – and was able to move into a beautiful brand new home.

I also got my first book deal with a powerful publishing house! (It will be released on January 1, 2019 and translated into several languages.)

Imagine How Your Life Would Shift If You Found That “One Big Game-Changer”…

Imagine how that would shift your heart-centered business… the direction of your divine mission…

You could increase or even double your revenue …

While diminishing stress…

You could spend more time with your loved ones …and not always be working so hard…

You could have the abundance to live your life on a whole other level…

All by finding that ONE big game-changer…

But finding it can be a challenge. It can take months or years of trying different approaches and directions. Thousands of dollars spent on easily avoidable mistakes.

The good news is…

I'll help you find your SPECIAL ONE THING!

…You don’t have to worry about manifesting lots of ideas (that you don’t have time for anyways).

…You don’t need to add more stuff to your to-do list.

All you have to focus on is that ONE SPECIAL THING I'll help you discover…

And you could increase or even double your income … all while diminishing stress and your responsibilities.

Is This Something You Would Want?

If it is, I can support you.

However, getting amazing results and actually creating magic – does require dedication and work. And totally shifting your career or business takes time and energy.

In order for me to really help you, I need to support and work with you for about a year. So if you’re interested in working together…

Here's the Deal:

I’ve created a Sacred Prosperity Sisterhood program that’s limited to just SIX people.

Yes, only 6.

  • Our focus is on finding your SPECIAL ONE THING, refining it and manifesting it.

  • Once that's done, we find your next ONE SPECIAL THING and put that to work for you.

  • YOU will commit the energy and time it takes to unleash your divine mission.

We’ll accomplish this by meeting three times for two-day retreats between now and the end of the year – and by monthly livestream.

But …

TIME is a factor.

Also, this opportunity is extremely limited because…

There is only 1 more spot available (5 have been filled)!

So with that said, understand the door is about to close.

If you feel like this is right for you, click the “Join Now” button at the bottom of this page and register before the FINAL spot is gone and you miss out on this opportunity for good.

What's So Special about 2018?

This Sacred Prosperity Sisterhood is only meant to last for the duration of 2018. Why? Because 2018 unleashes of the most powerful abundance star codes in decades.

JUPITER rules 2018 …. ALL Year long!

Jupiter governs expansion, abundance, fortuneand is the great benefic in astrology!

It's an astonishing and unprecedented “abundance window of opportunity” that's opened up NOW in 2018 – also an 11 gateway year … one the likes of which we may not see again for decades…

This sisterhood mastermind is not something I have to do. It’s a project I elect to do …because it’s FUN and it inspires me.

… And it's the PERFECT TIME.

As a result you'll finally be able to design your dream life by choosing OUTCOMES that are for your HIGHEST GOOD.

Thanks for taking time to read this letter, and I look forward to seeing you soon!

P.S. In the past year, I held several two-day workshops where a small group of people pay $6,000.00 each and we all work on finding the “Big Game-Changer” for two days.

Each time, it’s $6,000.00 per person for two days.

And each time it’s been awesome!

So that’s why I created this Sacred Prosperity Sisterhood for 2018. Because I like doing it.

But instead of paying $6,000.00 PER 2-day RETREAT …it’s a flat rate for three meetings throughout the year, PLUS our monthly livestream events. (No – it’s not $18,000.00 for the year – but significantly less.)

Plus you get readings, support and guidance on a monthly LIVESTREAM Call for all months we don’t meet in person!

Here’s how it works…


We'll meet Live for THREE 2-DAY Prosperity Retreats at Tania's Private Home ….
($18,000 Value)

Live Virtual Meetings (Readings, Business Coaching, Q&A) for all other Months ….
($9,000 Value)

Consistent, precise guidance using Your living Star Code Map to discover your Big Game-Changer …. (Invaluable!)

Your Investment: $7,457

Join Now

(Or Ten Monthly Payments Of $800)

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