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Dear Light Being,

You know what you deserve most in life?

So much happiness and joy!

And unlimited resources, so nothing hinders you from fulfilling your gifts!

Sometimes we forget, that just like becoming a great musician or painter, just like achieving goals in our work and keeping our home in order, living a happy, fulfilled, prosperous life takes intention and practice.

It’s only through unlocking your own unique abundance code and putting your gifts into practice that you achieve joy and fulfillment in all areas of your life. 

But, it’s not easy to find your way alone… Your highest potential can be reached more easily, with greater speed, bigger impact and more thrilling results when you are supported and guided through your big and small decisions.

Having an accountability group raises the potential for manifesting successful outcomes exponentially.

It’s why I created the “Sacred Prosperity Sisterhood” for 2018.

This experience is beyond coaching – it is an Awakening!

Our Sacred Prosperity Sisterhood was created on 11:11 in 2017 – and is specifically designed to help light-beings who are ready to shine their divine destiny.

The way to definitely know that you are manifesting a new level of abundance and fulfillment is confirmed by exciting new prosperous outcomes and success stories. You know you’re “plugged in” to a higher energy than before.

All outcomes in your life are feedback from the universe – responses to the energy you have emitted.

This energy exchange defines where you are at soul-level at any given moment in time.

Outcomes reveal your level of commitment and vibrational frequency.

Abundance is not created overnight… it’s not a gimmick.

Abundance is a Way of Life.

Just like practicing your craft makes you more and more of an expert, your Awakening into prosperity is ongoing!

Abundance is generated when you consistently use specific practical and spiritual tools across all of your life.

In order to start the journey, you must actively engage these 3 intentions:

  • To AWAKEN how You can be of service to others.

  • To empower others to awaken to their true soul purpose.

  • To live your life in accordance with what is for our highest good.

Now you can discover how to consistently activate and implement all three intentions in the Sacred Prosperity Sisterhood!

So, how do you know this wonderful opportunity is for you?

Because you know you belong. You’re SO ready to…

  • Engage only in what brings you JOY and FULFILLMENT

  • Commit the energy and time it takes to expand the impact of your divine mission

  • Lavish in the abundance the universe has to offer by consciously choosing prosperous outcomes

Our Sacred Prosperity Sisterhood is designed to generate an AWAKENING in YOU all year long!

Here’s how it works…

Throughout the year we’ll meet-up once a month so you can ask me any questions – practical, planning (aligned with your astro-numerology code), spiritual or professional.

  • You’ll be guided by the messages and timelines activated by your birth code and revealed in your future forecast map

  • You’ll receive monthly guidance the scope and depth of which you will not find anywhere else – for all your personal AND professional decisions

You will receive consistent support from me – and the other amazing sisterhood members, as we meet on a MONTHLY basis by livestream webinar or at my home during three live retreats.

As a result of our personal, hands-on, monthly get-togethers, you can finally design your dream life by choosing OUTCOMES that are for your HIGHEST GOOD.

** We’ve already filled four spots, so there is only room for TWO more sisterhood members. In order to immerse yourself in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, join NOW before the Sacred Prosperity Sisterhood closes its doors for 2018. **


What an amazing moment to step through the 11 Portal – the Gateway to Greatness. 

Your spiritual DNA code was designed to create greatness.

I so look forward to helping you UPGRADE your life!

To Your Awakening,


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