Last night I sat on a plane home from Tampa where I spent the last week speaking at and attending a seminar.
One of my clients, a world famous doctor, was on the flight. He had also been in Tampa for six days. On Sunday, October 21, before giving his talk, he asked me, “is today a special day in numerology?”
I answered, “Yes, in Ancient Egyptian Numerology October 19-21 are the culmination of the month.” What I meant was that these three days would be more confronting and allow for more personal growth than any other days – for you and the rest of the world. They are the days of Double Truth.
There was one important piece of information I did not share with him on Sunday. Yesterday, Monday October 22, 2007 was a highly significant day.
As we embarked the plane last night, the doctor took a phone call. I intuitively knew something was up, so I waited for him at the baggage claim area. Sure enough, he was being confronted by several firestorms. On the professional front, my client was being asked to put out a fire that was seemingly out of control.
So I told him. I explained why internal and external fires, which had begun October 19-21, were burning. Why they felt out of control. Not just in his life, but for everyone.
At this point I had NO idea about the raging fires in Southern California. The seminar I as attending in Tampa required 100 percent of my attention. It was a riveting life-changing event I’ll tell you more about in the next days. I was barely checking my email, let alone the news.
So what was it about October 22, 2007. 22 is a challenging number. Additionally, yesterday was also 5 day. When this combination of 5, symbolizing Freedom and Change, is followed on the heels of Double Truth days October 19, 20 and 21, a potent mixture of vibrations occurs. Namely, we are all placed face to face with danger.
The danger occurs for several reasons. 22 is the number of Double Peace. People with this vibration in their blueprint are challenged to remain in a state of equilibrium and meditation in the face of all challenges. 22 is a warning number of illusion. Delusion happens when a good person is fooled. He lives in a dream and awakens only when surrounded by danger.
The fires in Southern California are a metaphor. Everyone’s attention is now focused on this out-of-control disaster. Many people’s dreams being burned to the ground, leaving only cinders. Those of us who are not there are still feeling it on some level. Like when the tsunami hit in 2005.
Since Friday, every person on earth has undergone some kind of transformation. You may have felt up against it. Or you were challenged to discover the truth of your thoughts and actions. Mistakes in judgment may have been made. Great care had to be taken in placing faith in those who aren’t trustworthy.
The obligation here is to be vigilant, not spiritually lazy. If anything, during this time, you are challenged to access your intuition and spiritual faculties – in an aggressive manner.
Like a samurai – you must take out your Sword of Truth and fight to eliminate every illusion in your life.
Take hold of your power to change things immediately. Prevent failure by simply ordaining success. If you are a leader, or carry greater responsibilities than others, you will be asked to delve deeply to balance the scales of truth inside you.
This is a powerful time. You are being asked to recognize your responsibilities and take appropriate action as you tap into this Master Vibration. 22 symbolizes a Master of Inner Peace. For this reason, 22 is sometimes referred to as the Buddha Vibration. In this peaceful state, you’ll no longer be blinded by stupidity and recklessness. Instead of living in a state of temporary illusion – you master your dreams.
In the future I will be revealing more about these special days of each month to Pythagorean Club members.
During my monthly teleseminars, you’ll learn which days of the month everyone needs to pay very careful attention to. You will also be able to ask me about your personal power days – days YOU can take full advantage of to achieve your personal and business goals.
This kind of information is priceless. So join the Pythagorean Club today.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. One piece of information I’ll be teaching you during the next teleseminar is so powerful, it will change your Thanksgiving Holiday. Plus, you can ask me any pressing question you have about your life.

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