raining heavily in Sedona today with snow predicted for tonight – unusual for
autumn. One thing is for sure – our daughter will love the sledding
possibilities tomorrow.


Here's a great question I've been asked many times.


‘Hi, Tania. Is the Chaldean System more accurate than the
Pythagorean system.'



The simple answer is ‘no.' I use both systems for different
parts of your Personal Numerology Blueprint.


Your Destiny Number is calculated by adding all the letters
in your birth certificate name using the Pythagorean system. This number
describes how you will fulfill your career.


When it comes to the name you are using Now – your current
name – I use the ancient Chaldean system in a very specific way. Your current
name describes HOW your birth numbers are activated – easily or not.


Combining this information with the numbers in your birthday
reveals incredible details about your life, your talents, and your potential. Your
personal numbers help you to make decisions about addresses, cities to live in,
relationships, business names and when to schedule important events and trips.


I ALSO utilize the wisdom of Ancient Egyptian Numerology. This
system applies to your birthday and reveals much about compatibility with your
partner, friends and children.


Tiger & Elin.jpg

For example, when checking the compatibility between Tiger
Woods and Elin Nordegren, the Pythagorean system shows that they have four
numbers compatible and two in conflict.


Tiger and Elin don't have any numbers in harmony, so the
relationship is definitely not an easygoing one.


When we add the Ancient Egyptian numerology system to the equation,
only one really strong connection emerges between them. Not enough to create a lasting
bond. So taking both systems into consideration – Tiger Woods and Elin
Nordegren will have a lot of hurdles to overcome if they want their marriage to


Using a variety of numerology systems allows me to see much
more detail about you. I liken it to a 3-D view vs. a 2-D view. There is always
a new angle to explore.


Now you
have even the greatest opportunity to see the profound power of your numbers in


Be sure to
take advantage of my Holiday Saleabration


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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