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Readings with Tania

A great opportunity for you to talk to Tania Gabrielle in person and get answers on a variety of questions – all at once as she accesses your numerology birth code and current personal cycles. Ask Tania about your current name (is it fortunate or challenging?), your career, intimate and business partnerships, most fortunate dates for you to plan important events, the timing of your upcoming wealth cycles (and just as importantly, when to lay low), fortunate business names, the influence of your address code, and your future forecast.


As your “personal oracle”, Tania will delve deeply into your Astrology and Numerology birth code AND unveil the ultimate potential in your current and future timelines.

She will decipher precisely how celestial codes and cycles now and in the future activate and engage your soul contract – as revealed in your birth promise. You'll also discover how you are uniquely designed to manifest Wealth, Health and Loving Partnerships according to your divine code in PRESENT time.

There will be time during your one-on-one reading to ask Tania questions on any topics of your choice. Your SoulStar Reading is the essential “soul connection” you have been waiting for!


Tania’s most in-depth reading of your soul mission and how it unfolds now and into the future. Your “Royal Code” shows you how to step up into your rightful place as a Royal Divine Being. You'll discover how you can you hold the reigns, implementing your divine code to enrich many lives and lead from the light of your soul as you tune into your most joyful, abundant part of your birth code. What does your soul have in store for you right now? Tania will read your galactic records and with a view of your immediate future.

This reading is both inspirational and highly practical – encompassing personal, business, travel, best places to live, love, partnerships, branding, naming of products, planning of important eventsanything you are yearning to uncover.

What miracles are in store for you? Tania will unveil both hidden blocks and the miracles that await you – so you can confidently choose the most radiant, abundant, blessed life!

As your oracle, Tania will share messages from your guides and give you a sacred platform to explore your profound royal divinity. The most profound reading for your personal and professional awakening that you will experience.

I had an AMAZING counseling session with you. You had reinforced me using my new name over my old name for my website & business.I want you to know, 7 months later I was given the opportunity to be on NBC Chicago NonStop, Reality TV show ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’. It’s being aired for the 2nd time now, and the contestant I worked with lost the most amount of weight (83 pounds in 3 months). Chicago Social magazine put my photo with caption in their March issue. I also appeared on NBC local with AMTA. Am now getting ready to be featured in Groupon. You also mentioned I had 3 of the most powerful numbers. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
Hope Jelinek Berry
You gave me a numerological reading a few months ago. I am from Ireland. Was a great forecast. Wish you all the love and happiness in your life and many more.
Your expertise helped me to sell my home very quickly. You changed the date I wanted to put my home on the market to a more suitable date of July 24th, 2008. This turned out to be the best date ever, as my home sold within 3 days after going on the market, and for full asking price! This was a totally unexpected miracle, as everyone around me was saying that it would take longer to sell because of the location and size of the home. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
Klaire F.
Thank you so much, my call with Tania was so inspiring & helpful, makes me feel validated I'm on the path my Soul is calling forth.
I love her, she is smart, spiritual, fun, insightful and supportive. I wish her many blessings.


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