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We're all feeling it. 2011 is one
of the most important years – ever.


Walking through the 11 gateway
literally means – you must Reinvent Yourself.


This is true for everyone, no
matter who you are.


One of the keys to reinventing yourself
is to emulate
someone else who has achieved
what you want in your life.


what I did in 2005 when I found my first mentor.


the most natural response towards someone you admire is to look closely at
their work habits and their attitude.


What about this person is
magnetic, irresistible, uplifting, inspiring?

Note what he or she does. How is
this person BEING.

Copying success is a keystone to
learning. Children know how to copy or trace a picture in order to learn how to
draw. This is how the brain begins to digest something new and exciting.

Admiring a role model is perfectly natural.

Yet, when it comes to TRUE re-invention, copying someone from afar will
only take you part of the way.

The best mentorship is personal, one-on-one support from someone who
knows exactly where you find yourself right now. This person inspires you and
helps you create an inner and outer shift, by giving you the tools you require at
any given moment – tools that lift you into a higher state of consciousness.

What I'm talking about is
having a good personal mentor.

are far more than just role models. A good mentor will give you immediate,
concrete advice that puts a huge dent in your learning curve.


example, a good mentor immediately spots costly and wasteful ideas.


mentor's own experience translates into advice that will take you up the ladder
of success much faster than you ever could do on your own.


successful, happy person has benefited from at least one mentor in his or her


you have an opportunity to join a powerful, new mentorship program. This
program is tailored personally to you and your Life Purpose.


It is
my new ‘Infinity Elite VIP Coaching Group'.


six people will be accepted into this special VIP program. Three spots are
already filled.


If you
are ready for a major positive shift in your life, contact my assistant Heidii for
more information and an application now – heidii@taniagabrielle.com


with me, and reinvent your life.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. Make sure you act now. Only three openings are still available. Email Heidii for your application – heidii@taniagabrielle.com

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