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Today, 30 years ago, John Lennon lost
his life.


It was December 8, 1980.


He was 40 years old.


When a person is removed suddenly
from living out their potential, there are several clues to be found.


On that day it was the 8th,
the 80th year of the century and Lennon was 40 years of age. 4s and
8s are magnetically attracted to each other – often fatefully. This dynamic was
definitely activated on that fateful day.


John Lennon was experiencing a 1
Personal Year.


The transition from the end of a
9-year cycle to the beginning of a new one always brings a major transition.


3 weeks before his death. Lennon
had just re-emerged from years of retirement with his new solo album,
indicating that he wanted to restart his musical career after withdrawing from
public view.


So the major transition was
already in place.


Finally, there was his current name. ‘John
Lennon' resonates to 12/3 in the ancient Chaldean system I use to calculate current
name numbers.


12 is the ‘Victim' number.


So how was it triggered on 12.8.1980.


That day John Lennon was
experiencing a 12/3 Personal Day – thus activating his 12/3 name.


Lennon had another number in the


December 1980 was a 31/4 Personal
Month for him, triggering the fateful 4 and 8 dynamic as well.


Thus ALL of his personal numbers
that day intertwined to form a very potent mix.


Does it mean he had to die. No,
absolutely not.


Numbers never predict death. They
tell a story about how frequencies are combining at any one time. Each of us
completes the story based on our mind patterns.


Foreknowledge about how your
personal frequencies are affecting your life right now is an amazing tool to


Know your numbers, and you will
take giant leaps towards self-empowerment.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle  


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