With my husband rehearsing music for the Oscars at the Kodak Theater, I'm getting some insider news – some of which I'm allowed to reveal.

First I wanted to share what I found in Rihanna's name and numbers. Sadly the singer was attacked by her boyfriend, singer Chris Brown, on a Los Angeles street on February 8.

Today is her 21st birthday. So Rihanna was born on the 20th, a 2 Day.

As I discovered, she has a large number of 2s in her blueprint. Her current name ‘Rihanna' also adds up to 20 and reduces to 2. Her Destiny Number is 92/11 and her Personality Number is another 11 as well. 11 also reduces to 2.

Let's look at this phenomenon – where a number is intensified to a great degree.

The number 20 is called ‘The Awakening' by the ancient Chaldeans, so at some point in her life Rihanna will likely experience a powerful awakening – bringing a new purpose and new goals. She's extraordinarily inventive, very romantic and intuitive – a dreamer.

20 also indicates she'll need patience in order to overcome occasional delays and obstacles.

Fear of the unknown is another underlying theme. Rihanna may fear different kinds of loss – loss of love, property, finances, employment, friendship. Also, it's crucial for all 2s to have a secure and peaceful home base.

The main theme of number 2 is communication. Rihanna will have a strong focus on the relationships in her life. She'll be devoted to friends and family. Much of her maturing process will come as a result of communicating her thoughts and feelings, both professionally and personally.

Since Rihanna is in a 6 Personal Year in 2009, her storyline right now puts friends and family in the forefront. May she come out of this painful episode with courage and conviction.

Now to the Oscars. This morning Clay told me that film actor Dermot Mulroney is performing in the Academy Awards orchestra. Supposedly he's a very accomplished cellist.

Keep an eye out for a close-up of Clay approximately three quarters into the show.

For the ‘Best Original Soundtrack' medley, you'll see the orchestra on stage. Clay, who is concertmaster of the orchestra, will be performing a long violin solo for the movie ‘Defiance' – one of the nominees. Enjoy.

I'll be checking the numbers for the main Oscar categories this weekend – so you may receive an update with my predictions.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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