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While driving cross-country towards the West coast last week I heard a sad story pointing out the huge effect reality shows can have on willing participants

It's not surprising some people can't handle having their life magnified on TV – consider how strong you have to be when your every move is aired for millions to see. Especially when producers decide they need you to spice up ratings.

That can only mean, there is conflict or drama they want to focus on. And they are counting on you to deliver.

Last week, one person decided it was too much.

His wife, Taylor Armstrong, is one of six women portrayed on Bravo TV's “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”.

On August 15, her husband, Russell Armstrong, ended his life. During the first season Russell and Taylor were portrayed as having a troubled marriage and financial difficulties.

On July 15, exactly one month before her husband's death, Taylor Armstrong filed for divorce citing physical abuse.

More on the significance of these two dates in a moment.

Russell Armstrong had voiced his concerns about being pushed to extremes when his issues were highlighted on the Bravo show. His crumbling home life was on display for everyone to see.

Sounds familiar.

Jon and Kate Gosselin, made famous on their show “Jon & Kate Plus 8”, filled the TV waves with another tension filled relationship – made even more so by having cameras impede a space that is meant to be private… their home.

The more conflict, the higher the ratings. Until something breaks.

And break it did for Taylor and Russell Armstrong.

Their marriage broke up. Russell broke down.

In the end, it could have been an opportunity for each of them to break OPEN.

In 2011, the 11th year of the century, breaking open is what we are all being prompted to do. Russell Armstrong was under intense pressure, like many people are right now. This year especially, the 11 had a great effect on him.

That's because his current name, “Russell Armstrong” resonates to 11.

An 11 name invites division and incompletion into your life. 11 is meant to be a spiritual gateway – an initiation – yet in a name this number usually brings distraction and indecision. So, in 2011 Russell would have felt particularly confronted… particularly regarding his home and family.

That's because he was in a 6 Personal Year – a number of home, responsibilities, and family.

The month of August was a 14 Personal Month for Russell – the Media Number – showing why his death has received so much media attention.

There is another numbers' recipe active. A powerful, fateful one.

Russell Armstrong's Life Purpose Number is 22/4.

Taylor Armstrong's current name resonates to 13/4.

This 4 and 4 combination between two people triggers a fateful, magnetic quality to their relationship.

Add to this combination, another number of great significance: 15.

The Armstrongs announced their divorce on July 15.

Russell took his own life on August 15.

Ancient Chaldean priests taught that, if you combine the number 15 – signifying the Spiritual Alchemist – with numbers 4 or 8, you will attract black magic, hypnosis and negative mental suggestion.

Two consecutive dates on the 15th symbolize a dark energy surrounding this whole sad affair.

Note too that Russell Armstrong was in a 6 Personal Year. The number 15 adds up to 6.

Additionally, when Taylor Armstrong took on her husband's name, she attracted sudden and unexpected events and challenges into her life. 13/4 current names will always bring transformation.

I don't know Taylor's birthday or her birth name… only her current name. Even so, her current name number alone reveals so much about her life. Challenging names are much more likely to attract obstacles and difficulties.

On the other hand, a Fortunate current name paves a clear and much easier road towards success, peace of mind and happiness.

Especially if you don't allow the media into your home!

Now that is something I would never do, just because the presence of prying cameras will turn your home into a public tv set – instead of a spiritual sanctuary where you soul is rejuvenated and replenished.

May your life be affected in a POSITIVE, life-affirming way.

To support you on this wonderful journey, make sure your current name is supporting you – not pushing unnecessary obstacles your way.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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