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Russia has been suffering the
hottest summer on record accompanied by devastating fires.


China has experienced deadly
mudslides with heavy rains throughout the summer. Both Pakistan and North Korea
have had immense floods.


These events are to be expected
this year.


2010 reduces to 3 – the emotional
number of drama. Dramatic earth and weather events will continue to heighten in
the next months.


In doing my research, I found that
Russia and China have birthdays that connect their cycles to each other.


China is in a 5 Personal Year in
2010 and for Russia is experiencing a 14/5.


Amazingly, the U.S. is in a 14/5
Personal Year right now, just like Russia. In fact, the U.S. and Russia always
share the same personal cycles.


This means, all three superpowers
– China, Russia and the U.S. – share a strong bond.


In 2010 that bond is tested in a
climate of instability.


When you combine the Universal 3
Year for 2010 with a country or person's 5 Personal Year – a series of unexpected
events can be triggered.


The Gulf Oil Disaster, devastating
fires in Russia and floods in China are only a visible sign that numbers 3 and
5 working concurrently with each other this year.


However, since Russia, China and
the U.S. are the big 3 superpowers, political surprises are on the table as


For China and the U.S. the number
5 is particularly important.


The U.S. has a birthday that adds
up to 32/5. China has a birth name ‘People's Republic of China' that resonates
to 113/5.


5 represents Freedom, risk and


So both countries will always deal
with issues of Freedom – or lack thereof.


When the number 5 triggered in a
current cycle, like it is for these 3 superpowers right now, there are usually
surprises, risks and instability. On the other hand, the number 5 brings confidence,
fearlessness, and great communication skills.


Know what frequencies are
affecting you right now and you'll be way ahead of the game. Your numbers will
always give you the keys to surpass and succeed.


Stay tuned to your inbox tomorrow
for a nice surprise.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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