55038e0ca44f619dc9b4b3f72bc955b9Get ready for some GOOD news about Saturday’s magnificent Sagittarius New Moon!

New Moons are monthly events that signify when the Sun and Moon are in the exact same location, and always signify a new beginning.

An exquisite Astro-Numerology code is unveiled in the heavens this time.

First the Sun leaves transformational Scorpio behind on November 22 – and enters joyful, future-oriented, uplifting and freedom-loving Sagittarius.

Saturday’s Sagittarius New Moon is so significant for two reasons:

  • The New Moon occurs at 00 degrees.
  • Only moments later, the Sun moves into the sign Sagittarius.

No doubt about it, this is a Double activation of New Beginnings and Blessings from the Universe!

What’s more, EVERY New Moon from September through November, and the NEXT New Moon on December 22 during our Solstice, occurs at 00 degrees, meaning the Sun changes signs at the same time.

Notice how the numbers 22 and 00 are repeating consecutively?

This is a very rare repeated phenomenon. It presents four straight opportunities to press the restart button and MANIFEST!

With fire sign Sagittarius leading the way, we are being fired up about our Vision of the Future, the depths of Wisdom and Truth, and long distance Travel (both cosmic and Earth travel).

Your consciousness is EXPANDING.

You are breaking through boundaries, discovering there is really a world of NO LIMITS!

ANYTHING can be changed at will.

All your dreams require of you is that you ACT on them.

The truth is, your creativity is on fire now.

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is FREEING up your life so that you really do explore the area of your life that most FULFILLS you.

Jupiter will always give you MORE of everything – more abundance, more love, better health and greater success… so take these four weeks and pay close attention to what makes you feel abundantly happy.

Keep your mood on the optimistic side, since Jupiter expands everything – including any negative attitude you may have.

In general, it’s recommended you be super clear about what you intend to have MORE of, because Jupiter will give it to you!

As if that’s not enough good news…

A quintuple conjunction is created with the Sun and Moon and three other planets– Mercury, Saturn and Venus –making a total of five in one place.

The result?

  • Mindful Mercury expands your intelligence and awareness.
  • Serious Saturn expands your ability to plan and take full responsibility.
  • Luxurious Venus alchemizes your creativity into abundance.

What an Opportunity! Expand your finances through diligent work, attention to beauty and patience. Buckle down during this New Moon and strategize a plan.

A couple of important guidelines:

1. Neptune lies in a tense aspect to the Sun and Moon. So, you do really want to make sure you’re not believing in illusions. Observe everyone’s actions, not their words. Be perfectly conscious about what is truly REAL and what is not.

2. Jupiter is the YES! Planet. Every opportunity seems like a good one, so don’t stretch yourself too thin by over-committing yourself – only to regret it later. Better to over-deliver than break promises.

As if that’s not enough, with the Sun and Moon at 00 degrees, you can gaze into the windows of the soul.

  • 00 symbolizes two eyes that see beyond dimensions.
  • 00 is the Zero Point of ultimate balance between worlds.

This is the Zero Point of No Return, where everything and everyone encapsulates into timelessness.

Zero is the never-ending Circle of Life – the eternal moment.

Do you BELIEVE you can manifest a beautiful, abundant life?

Take a deep breath, because this 00 degree Pattern is creating a portal of infinite abundance.

It’s as if we are purposely being prepared to let bygones be bygones and move forward with new clarity and joy just as we approach the powerful Year of “Awakened Wealth Consciousness” in 2015…

By understanding the riches that await you NEXT year, you will naturally trigger opportunities in your life RIGHT NOW.

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And may the JOY of this Sagittarius New Moon fill your soul!

Abundant Blessings,


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