Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 12.13.14 PMWhat do Maya Angelou, David Blaine and Robert Downey, Jr. share?

All three were born on April 4.

In numerology the numbers 4 and 8 in a birthday take on extra significance, especially in relation to your current name number.

Anyone born on a Day that can be added up and reduced to 4 or 8, such as 26 (2+6 = 8), will be magnetically attracted to these numbers – in other people, dates, addresses and so on.

It’s a connection that carries fateful qualities.

For example, Patricia Arquette is born on April 8, so she has an 8 Day of Birth. She will naturally be attracted to people who have the numbers 4 or 8 in their birthday or current name.

Nicolas Cage, her first husband, has a 35/8 current name, triggering this fateful quality.

Cage and Arquette divorced after nine months.

Arquette later married actor Thomas Jane whom she also divorced.

Again the fateful numbers connection was activated. Thomas Jane was born on February 22, a 4 Day of Birth. Plus, his full birthday 2.22.1969 adds up to a 31/4 Life Purpose Number.

With her 8 Day of Birth Arquette is more likely to attract partners with 4s or 8s.

This is especially true for her due to her current name.

‘Patricia Arquette’ adds up to 49/13/4 – a challenging name to begin with… Coupled with her 8 Day of Birth, her 4 current name activates an even stronger tendency for challenging events in her life.

As for Maya Angelou, David Blaine and Robert Downey, Jr. – their April 4 birthday and name combos each refelct different outcomes.

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 12.16.55 PMMaya Angelou was born “Marguerite Johnson”. With that name her life was very challenging. “Marguerite Johnson” adds up to 12/3, the “Victim Number” in current names.

In 1954 she changed her name to “Maya Angelou”, a fortunate 10/1 name.

10 is the “Instant Manifestation” Number so it gives you power to manifest quickly. Being positive is key though, as 10 names WILL manifest whatever you think and feel.

Illusionist and magician, David Blaine, is a fascinating numbers story.

Born on April 4, he has a 15/6 highly fortunate current name. However, when combining a 15 name with a 4 or 8 Birthday Number you can attract dark forces such as black magic and mental suggestion from others into your life. For David Blaine, whose very career thrives on how he overcomes death defying stunts and puts spectators on the edge of their seats, this name and birthday combo has helped him fulfill his goals.

Finally, the great actor Robert Downey, Jr.

His current name “Robert Downey, Jr.” adds up to 26/8 – a challenging number, especially combined with his April 4 Day of Birth.

Downey, Jr’s drug addiction background is well-known. Fortunately, he has been able to stay clear of substance abuse for 10 years now. Note, at the time he kicked his drug habit in 2003, Robert met his current wife Susan Levin, who does not have any 4s or 8s!

Before Susan, Robert Downey Jr. …

–  dated Sarah Jessica Parker (31/4 Life Purpose)

–  was married to Deborah Falconer (13/4 Day of Birth)

–  with whom he had a son “Falconer Downey” (8 current name)

Numbers Codes are activated ALL the time – by names, dates, relationships, addresses. The key is to be aware of how they are affecting you. So much pain can be alleviated when you understand your numbers.

Know your code and you will thrive!

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