Yesterday I hiked up a ridge close to where we live and met up with some friends. We talked about everything under the Arizona sun, including politics.

They're both not voting for either McCain or Obama, which made for a refreshingly calm conversation. I asked them whether they noticed how the latest polls are tightening up.

It doesn't surprise me to see this.

Everything about this election will be surprising. As to what those surprises will be – that's anyone's guess. Could be voting machine issues, overwhelming voter turnout problems, or a late-breaking ‘story'.

The tightening of the race also means that both sides will hope for a win – and when the inevitable happens and one man is chosen – the emotional response  may be greater than ever before.

A lot of numbers are at play that day. Something I will get into in the near future.

Two weeks is a long time. One story could make a dramatic difference. That's certainly been the case lately. If you're a TV watcher, your nerves have clearly been on a roller coaster ride. The best suggestion – turn off the media as much as you can.

I hardly ever turn on the tv, so when I want to catch up I'll check my sources online.

Like this morning. I saw a clip of Sarah Palin's appearance on Saturday Night Live. Very funny. She was a good sport about it too.

Judging by the ratings, this SNL episode was the most watched show since 1994 when Nancy Kerrigan appeared after the whole Tonya Harding episode. I'm not sure what that tells you about the importance of SNL. But there sure is a love/hate relationship going on with Governor Palin.

Interestingly, Saturday was a great Personal Day for Palin. She's in a 6 Month and had a 6 Personal Day. Those tie directly into her Life Purpose is 24/6.

So she would have felt very comfortable in the limelight – even while being laughed at.

While I was being interviewed on a radio show late last night, Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama came up. ‘Could you have foreseen this,' I was asked.

I said No. Because Powell's endorsement of McCain could have been just as likely.

McCain, Obama and Colin Powell have several numbers in common. In particular the numbers 4 and 29/11. I think, if Powell was in the running for a cabinet post, he would have been available to work in either of their administrations.

What WAS interesting though is Obama's Personal Day number yesterday. A 24/6 – which happens to be the same Personal Month Number he'll have in November.

You can read a lot more about Colin Powell, Barack Obama and John McCain as well as Martin Luther King, Kennedy, Lincoln and their Presidential advisors in my new book The Unrevealed Secrets of Political Success.

At the end of the book I tell you exactly how I calculate all the numbers in your Personal Numerology Blueprint.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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