Did you watch Sarah Palin's speech last night? It sure lived up to numerological expectations.

Last night I got the sense Barack Obama met his match. Both McCain and Biden can't hold a candle to Obama and Palin's magnetic presence and speaking abilities.

There's much more to reveal about both VP candidates today.

For example, here's an amazing ‘coincidence.' Both ‘Joe Biden' and ‘Sarah Palin' have current names which add up to 12/3. The 3 gives them great gifts of self-expression – as we witnessed last night with Governor Palin. Barack Obama also has two 12/3s in his blueprint and is known as an incredible orator.

The other side of this number, particularly in a current name, is that can signify feeling victimized.

A prime example of this is ‘Al Gore' – a 12 name. Of course Gore didn't keep Bill Clinton from winning, and neither will Palin or Biden keep McCain or Obama from the White House.

But the number has already been in effect in the days leading up to her speech last night.

As the Washington media ganged up on Palin's perceived lack of experience many in her party and some women on both sides felt she was victimized. Even if she didn't feel so herself, and she is a tough cookie, the victim perception was there. Notice she was getting a lot of Media attention either way which ties right in to her Personal Year – 14/5 – the Media Number.

You can say the same with Al Gore when he ran for President and lost the election after winning more than 500 thousand votes than current President Bush.

What's interesting is this. For both Sarah Palin and Joe Biden the 12 name number could be an asset in the next two months as they help to take the flak for McCain and Obama.  Why do I say that.

While writing my book I learned a lot about politicians, their advisors and a few particular numbers. In particular those numbers which kept reappearing for certain positions.

Like the number 12. Amazingly every one of the recent Presidential Press Secretaries also has at least one prominent 12 in his or her blueprint. That includes current White House Press Secretary Dana Perino and former job holders Scott McClellan, Ari Fleischer and Tony Snow.

Of course press secretaries never speak for themselves. When you're a mouthpiece you may at times have to cover up your own positions and even distort the facts for your boss. This job description can easily make someone feel a victim at times.

So can being a VP.

As I recall, Sarah Palin likened hockey moms as bulldogs with lipstick.

When you couple Palin's strength, namely a charming persona which veils the power of her strong convictions, and add in her 12 name – she may have an asset there. Being a woman too has to be figured into this fascinating equation.

So it could be a political plus for a VP to have the ‘victim' name going into an election. I'll reveal more soon as to how this ‘bulldog with lipstick' has risen in the ranks like a rocket heading to the moon. Keep your eyes on her.

You might be wondering, would I want a 12 name for myself.

Absolutely not. Very, very few people can handle this number. So I would  never recommend it to my clients – unless maybe he or she was in the running as VP in the 2008 Election.

What I do recommend is a highly fortunate name. Paying attention to your current name is usually the missing puzzle – the one life-changing factor needing your attention.

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Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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