Last Thursday it was obvious McCain was in town. My husband Clay saw the line of SUVs on his way to Claire's school and helicopters were in the air.

Little did we know his VP pick was also here being interviewed.

Let's focus on the person most of America wants to know more about – Govenor Sarah Palin.

What a fascinating turn of events. Both sides are now on fire. I can't remember this much interest in a Presidential campaign in many years. Which goes to show you, the numbers confirm this amazing story line. Across the board.

Even the announcement on Friday was a shock. So I figured one thing at least – Sarah Palin must be experiencing a cycle of change right now.

Turns out to be true.

Palin is in a 14/5 Personal Year. That in itself explains a lot. When you factor in that 14 is referred to as the ‘Media Number', well the events transpiring in her life are explained even more. Talk about being catapulted into the media spotlight.

The way I describe a 5 year is ‘a big year for change.' 5 brings surprises in the form of adventure, risk and freedom.

Here's what else is interesting. A 14/5 year often brings more social and family obligations. Her fifth child, a boy with Down's syndrome was born in April and her oldest teenage daughter is pregnant. Those two events fit right into her current cycle and illuminate how accurately numerology can paint the story of your life – including your future.

Tonight's numbers' lineup for Palin is especially potent. Let's look at what's in store for her big speech.

September always magnifies the vibration of your current year. The same goes for Palin. Her 14/5 Personal Year is intensified by her current 23/5 Personal Month. When you read my upcoming book ‘The Unrevealed Secrets of Political Success', you'll see how important this number is for any American politician.

Any 5, especially 32/5 and 23/5, ties directly into the Blueprint for the United States. So, not only is the element of surprise and the connection to all things Media doubly activated for Palin right now, but she's also connecting directly to America's Destiny.

On top of that, her Destiny Number is 8. Why is this important. Aside from symbolizing leadership, strength and fateful events, her 8 is directly mirrored today. Palin is experiencing a 26/8 Personal Day right now.

As you can see her personal numbers are all lined up, politically and personally, for the most important speech of her life.

Remember, six days ago Barack Obama ALSO had his 1 Personal Day directly tying into his 1 Destiny Number. The same number also connected him to Martin Luther King. Obama's speech electrified the air. Everything worked in his favor.

As for Palin, she moved to the front of the pack in McCain's search just days ago. Do her current numbers show why. Yes.

August was a 22/4 month for her. Notice the incredible 22/4 year Obama has been having and you get an idea of how powerful a 22/4 cycle can be. Coupled with her 14/5 year of surprises, Palin was catapulted into the most prominent female position of the Republican Party within hours.

See how YOUR next twelve months are about to unfold. What are the main themes going to be. Discover which of your numbers are in action right now.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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