sarah palin.jpgOver the 4th of July weekend I heard Sarah Palin had resigned as Governor of Alaska. With family in town and the Grand Canyon to explore, I filed it into the back of my mind.

The news caught many off guard.

At first hearing, I was taken aback too. And then I remembered Palin is in a 15/6 Personal Year in 2009.

First of all, that number is triggering her 24/6 Life Purpose. So it's a very important cycle for her.

Secondly, 15/6 cycles of any kind are often BIG turning points.

This means, for Palin it's a year of freedom, discernment – decisions and indecision – and all home and family related matters.

Often during 15/6  cycles radical change of lifestyle will happen to release you from present limitations. These changes help cement opportunities.

Additionally, freedom of expression is important for Palin this year. She even may change her views and form new beliefs. All of this will help her let go of past fears. Everything about this period is setting her free.

Sarah Palin has to make sure her new experiences aren't limiting her either. Laughing at her own weaknesses – and others' as well – is highly beneficial right now.

Anytime you experience a 15/6 Personal Month or Year, all of the above applies to you too.

I've had one 15/6 Personal Year in my life so far. It's the year I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. And yes it was a turning point in every way imaginable.

Since the root number for 15 is 6, this number covers home, parenting and family. So it's no surprise at all that Palin feels the urge to spend quality time with her loved ones this year.

Knowing your current cycles always gives amazing insights into your the feelings and experiences you're having right now. This knowledge also gives you powerful clues to fully capitalize on opportunities.

‘Your Next 12 Months' blueprint reveals everything you need to know about your present and immediate future.

Luckily, ALL my numerology blueprints are reduced by 33%. But not for long. My special 4th of July Summer Saleabration ends at midnight tomorrow.

This is an incredible event. Go here to see what I mean.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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