Saturn stationed retrograde April 5 (Americas) and April 6 (rest of the world), setting a more serious tone for the next weeks.

This is not just any retrograde…

Saturn is at a standstill at 27° Sagittarius – called Galactic Centerpointing directly to the center of our Galaxy!

Galactic Center is the point around which our whole Milky Way galaxy turns – a massive vortex around which our galaxy is spinning.

It was discovered in February 1974 (when the Moon’s North Node was at 27° Sagittarius and Saturn conjunct the South Node, exactly opposite). At the center is a massive black hole, a galactic gravitational pull and birthing center – the womb of our galaxy.

Black holes are energy vortexes, bursting with massive potential, power and creation.

Saturn conjunct Galactic Center, literally sitting on this point as it stations retrograde, is unlike ANYTHING we’ve experienced before.

For one… it is attracting powerful galactic forces that are shifting the whole of humanity – a macrocosm and microcosm of karmic transformation that is determining your destiny!

You have no choice but to move forward and keep going.

Maybe life seems out of your control… yet even so, even though you have no choice but to surrender – you are also excited about what lies ahead!

  • When Saturn goes retrograde our karma is penetrated deeply, released and brought into balance.
  • Your past, present and future are being perceived with a new awareness – as is the passage of time.
  • Saturn's powerful retrograde at Galactic Center is a meeting of you and your destiny, when your past actions and thoughts are being energetically rewarded.

If you have been responsible and lived in integrity with your true values, you will reap major benefits during this period. As lessons are learned, the future for your positive growth and long-lasting change shows up with great clarity.

Chronos or Time, one archetype of Saturn, is saying – it is TIME for you to take the lead through responsible action.

“What you reap, you will sow”, is Saturn’s mantra.

And, in the sign of Sagittarius, Saturn reinforces your beliefs as you make commitments to your visions for the future and start to be clear about the BEST way to move forward – completely congruent with who you are at soul level.

Integrity and honesty are the keys to opening your heart to ACCEPT the gifts of bliss, freedom and happiness.

Keep in mind that Jupiter, ruling planet of the sign of Sagittarius, lies opposite Uranus for most of 2017. Here the message is clear: You are breaking through barriers to freedom, and in doing so you are discovering values aligned with true happiness and abundance… and all this is happening in ways that are utterly surprising to you.

It’s because of the enormity of these celestial transits that you are able to recognize the CORE GIFTS of your soul discovering your OWN galactic center… the point around which your greatest joys get consistently nurtured.

Saturn sitting at Galactic Center ensures you are equipped to handle the extraordinary expansion happening within your Soul – right now.

This is beyond anything we have EVER experienced before…

It is the birth of a new world.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. I’ve only shared the tip of the iceberg about the dynamic shifts upon us now! Venus is stationing DIRECT again in a few days at 27° Pisces – an exact 90° square to Saturn! Two more retrogrades (Mercury and Pluto), other powerful astrology transits, plus how this all fits in with 2017’s 10 Universal Year of New Beginnings – ALL is unveiled and explained in April’s day-by-day Premium Monthly Forecast.

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  1. sean April 6, 2017 at 11:40 am - Reply

    Wow this is great.

  2. Lou April 6, 2017 at 6:58 pm - Reply

    Thank you for sharing these great news!

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