You may find this hard to believe, but back in the early 1980’s I was a big Redskins fan.
After attending the German School for over 10 years, I transferred to a high school in northern Virginia. The school marching band I was a member of performed at football games, and so my interest in the sport was born.
The Redskins were doing well back then, winning 3 Superbowls in the 1980s. Bobby Beathard was general manager of the team, and, as it turned out, his three sons all attended my high school.
I haven’t watched football in a long time. But yesterday, when I got wind of a young star player for the Redskins by the name of Sean Taylor who died in his Miami home after being shot by an intruder, I wanted to find out more about this star athlete. So far, 2007 was turning out to be a caliber season, until Taylor was sidelined the last two weeks with an injury. Sadly, his many fans will never know how great a player he was to become.
Taylor had some legal and other difficulties in the past. Lately though, this new father was making better choices. He was maturing on and off the field. Bearing all this in mind, I wanted to look at his name and the day he was shot.
‘Sean Taylor’ is a 13/4 name. And Monday was a 26/8 day. As I’ve shared with you before, the numbers 4 and 8 are the numbers of fate. They are magnetically attracted to each other – and can precipitate fateful events.
A 13 name signifies a brilliant mind. On the other hand,13 is a scary number for a lot of people. This is partly because 13 warns of unknown and unexpected events. Events which can cause upheaval in people’s lives. Including death on all planes – physical, letting go emotionally, and releasing pain and anger on a mental and spiritual plane. 13 always wants to break new ground, and leave anything useless and unnecessary behind.
So any current name adding up to 4 or 8 in the Chaldean system will be more challenging than other numbers. With one exception – the number 17/8 symbolizing immortality.
Sean Taylor will have had to pay extra attention on any days, months or years adding up to 4 or 8.
November 26 was no exception. The number 26/8 can be an especially challenging day for people with 4s and 8s in their blueprints. Though it’s a great number for making muney, 26 carries with it a warning – do not listen to other people’s advice instead of your own intuition. Otherwise you may not have the fortitude to help yourself and will be taken advantage of by others.
But there’s another reason 26 loomed large in Taylor’s short life.
26/8 is his Life Purpose Number. The number derived from his birthday. So, not only did he have a 4 name, he had an 8 Life Purpose Number. The double influence of these two ‘numbers of fate’ made him even more prone to their influence.
Finally, Taylor was in a 5 Personal Year – a year of change and freedom. The sudden and unexpected are bound to happen in any five year. Overindulgence is also a big factor in a 5 year, whether it’s overdoing food, alcohol, drugs, or taking dangerous risks. Taking care of your body and getting adequate rest is key.
Take note if you are in the midst of a 5 Personal Year. This information could save you from suffering unnecessary health problems.
On November 18, ten days before he was shot, Sean Taylor’s home was burglarized. A kitchen knife was left on his bed. Not a good sign. It was this burglary that prompted Taylor to fly back to Miami twice to check on his girlfriend and 18 month old daughter. Notice that 18 also has the 8.
Now, I want to end on a positive note. Here is a look at what helped Sean Taylor excel in one of the world’s toughest sports.
Amazingly, the young 24-year-old Sean Taylor was seen as the leader on the Redskins team. His 26/8 Life Purpose is a number of leadership. Add to that his birth on the 1st of April and you’ve got an even stronger recipe someone who wants power and prestige. Number 1 means just that – wanting to be Number 1 at everything you do. It can also mean, not wanting to take orders – from anyone.
Unfortunately, it’s too late for Sean Taylor to change his name to a number other than 4 or 8 and benefit fully from his other numbers. But it’s not too late for you.
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With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
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