Angel_of_light111Angels and Archangels are powerful beings of light.

Today, more than ever, angels are present in our lives.

As you seek out angels and your guides to assist you, your heart opens up to experience the eternal.

Did you know, just by invoking an angel’s name, you receive counsel, inspiration – even warnings and healing? Angel names carry light codes that emit powerful shifts on a micro-cellular to universal level.

Look at the word “Angel” itself. ANGEL adds up to 17 in the ancient Chaldean system of numerology and 21 in the Pythagorean or Western System:

    • ANGEL = 17 Immortality and Eternal Legacy
    • ANGEL = 21 Truth and Joy

Angels are immortal, connect us to the eternal and speak the Truth!

(21 also highlights the major acknowledgement of angels role in our lives in the 21st century.)

Archangels also carry amazing messages in their individual name codes (which I will share using both the Chaldean and Western Numerology systems):

Archangel Michael, the most recognized archangel, has a name resonating to TWO Master Numbers. Michael means “he who is like God”. Archangel Michael helps humans confront and release fear with the sword of light and justice.



These two “Master Numbers” beautifully describe the power and essence of Archangel Michael.

22 and 33 symbolize the courage, protection, unconditional love and peace required to show up and life with fearlessness.

22 is the number I refer to as the “Buddha” Number. It symbolizes the Architect of Peace and is aligned with manifestation, balance, security, duty, discipline and observing how your relationships all act as a mirror to your soul growth.

33 is sometimes referred to as the “Christ Consciousness” number. It represents highest spiritual consciousness and service through unconditional love and is aligned with compassion, blessings, perfection and inspiration.

Gabriel is another celestial archangel.

GABRIEL means “God is my strength” and represents rebirth, creativity and prophecy.

Just as with Michael, the two name numbers directly align with Gabriel’s role:



36 is a powerful number in numerology since it adds up to 9 and represents the complete 3-6-9 Triad of “Creation, Love and Self Expression”. 36 is about the birth of creation!

17 leaves an eternal legacy behind imbuing GABRIEL with immortal strength and abundance.

Archangel Uriel is another very popular archangel. URIEL is the “God of light” or “Fire of God” and carries the role of vision – shedding light and illuminating situations and giving prophetic warnings.

URIEL = 29/11

URIEL = 17

How fitting that URIEL resonates to 29 the same number LIGHT adds up to! 29 is aligned with the master number 11 (2+9 = 11) – the symbolic Gateway into Light.

Like Gabriel, URIEL emits the power of number 17, which I refer to as the “Immortality Number”. 17 prophesizes that everything born of Source/God is ETERNAL. By invoking 17, Uriel says you have the immortal strength to live your life with complete freedom!

These celestial beings of light emphasize how completely natural it is for us to experience abundance, to look at life from a positive perspective.

Practicing this positive perspective positions you to experience more and more abundance.

When you invoke MICHAEL, GABRIEL and URIEL – and other powerful light beings – you invoke the eternal flame of abundance and joy in your heart.

8659781_origAngel names pulsate to a secret code that expands vibrationally far and wide into the universe – way beyond Earth.

Before language developed to how we use it now, we used numbers and symbols. Symbols have a simplicity that crosses all cultures and languages.

Each symbol emits a specific energetic pattern.

Many of these symbols exist beyond Earth in other dimensions, in other universes. They communicate immortal truth.

We are definitely NOT alone.

The codes of light transmitted by Angels and their names expand our experience of time and connect us far beyond the earthly veil.

In essence, it comes down to YOU feeling connected to God/Source.

Be the best version of yourself EVER in every single moment – that’s ALL that ever matters.

You can reach out to archangels, angels and your guides now and forever to receive support and encouragement. Look for the “signs” – scents, sounds, symbols and numbers – that exist in ALL dimensions – and you’ll know they are here!

Also pay attention to repeated numbers and know: angels are around you right now.

Just as Angel names emit a powerful pulse, so does YOUR name.

Make sure your current name, your spiritual calling card, resonates to an equally fortunate and powerful number.

Click here for your “Is My Name Fortunate?” report.

Allow yourself to evolve… to be part of the Light and Love that is also YOUR universe.

Love and Abundance,


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  1. AYANBADEJO OLUSEGUN April 13, 2015 at 9:22 pm - Reply

    i really appreciate your effort in my life and am really thanking God and my lovely Angels, because of you have learn allot discover my self and my family, continue God almighty and Angels will always be with you in jesus name AMEN

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