Your name creates an instant
impression. But did you know your name has secret codes?


Just like the Bible has a code,
your name does too.


It reveals clues about your past,
present and future. Your name also unlocks mysteries and riddles you may have
been pondering about for years.


The codes are called Lexigrams.


Here's an example. The name
‘PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN' unlocks the following extraordinary revelations and
premonitions about Lincon's life:



Born in a cabin, he healed a torn

‘Others hated him, he hated none.'

‘Lincoln is a sad man, alone in a

‘He told no lies – others lied to

‘He led the North, and calmed the

‘The Nation remained united.'

‘His death came from a shot in the

‘He had a coma in the brain.'

‘Abraham Lincoln lead America

‘His star is eternal.'

‘Honest Abe.'


Yes, lexigrams are stunning and
empowering. They contain forecasts, tendencies, your talents and even give you
warnings. They can be silly or serious.


How are they created? From the
letters in your name.


First you create words using those
letters. Then you make sentences or phrases from the words you found.


These phrases are the secret codes
that describe you and your life.


Recently my close friend, COLETTE BARON-REID, asked me to give her a reading of her name's hidden codes. In case
you don't know her, Colette is world-renowned intuitive and author.


She was astounded by what her name



Colette's lexigram codes confirmed
details nobody else would know about. They show her passion, dedication, and
tendencies. Her past, present and future.


Her name also proves she was destined
to reach the world.


These lexigrams moved her so
deeply – Colette wanted me to share it with you.


Please note. If you have not read
Colette's books, then in order to understand the first lexigram, you need to
know that when Colette was young she was an alcoholic and drug user. At age 19
she was gang-raped.


Look at what her first two secret
codes reveal:


Once In Decline And Deterred, Borderline Derelict Colette
Retired Tonic Bottle And Reoriented To Create A Bold Doer And Robed Elder.'


‘Colette Learned To Read In A Battle.'


Unbelievable. Yes, Colette is a
survivor. 24 years ago she pulled herself out from the depths of hell and is
now living a life of glorious achievement.


Most importantly, she is happily
married and totally dedicated to her hundreds of thousands of clients around
the world through her radio show, books, private sessions and seminars. The
great Wayne Dyer raves about her abilities.


Colette is the real deal. She is
down to earth, genuine, giving, very funny, and incredibly intuitive.


So let's see what the codes in her
name reveal about her magnificent gifts:


Colette Baron-Reid 

Born To Be A
Celebrated Oracle Reader.'


‘Colette Baron-Reid Orbited Into An Icon.'


‘Enter Client-Centered and Trendier Colette Baron-Reid.'



To Create A Reborn Client.'


‘Colette Liberated And Retooled Client

Leads Client To
Create Oracle.'


Colette Signing Books.jpg

The next lexigram uses the word ‘doctrine' in place of book.
Remember, each one of these words is contained in her name.


Read Entire, Credible Colette Doctrine.'


Colette and I share another passion – music. She is a
singer/songwriter and an EMI recording artist. Her voice is gorgeous, and her
songs beautiful, sophisticated and passionate.


Of course the name ‘Colette Baron Reid' would indicate her
musical gifts as well:


Colette Has A Tender Treble and Baritone Tone 

A Note


My friend's future has already been partly revealed in
earlier lexigrams. Here are two more clues as to Colette's potential –


‘Icon Colette Encored and Entitled To the End.'


‘Director Colette In Control At Lectern.'


Lexigrams give other indications as well. I call them
warnings. I found one concerning Colette's physical health and advised her to
take more quiet time to rejuvenate from her hectic schedule. This is what I


Need To Tend To Tired Colette.'


Your Lexigrams often reveal colors, numbers, animals,
locations, and even foods. For example, Colette has the animals Lion, Deer,
Colt, Bird, Loon, Critter and Bronco -demonstrating her astounding range of
talents and her ability to tune into all types of people and situations.


The ‘Instant Manifestation' number ‘Ten' is also in her
name. As is the Number ‘One' symbolizing creativity, originality and
leadership. These two numbers – 1 and 10 – describe Colette's expansive range.

Lexigrams unlock your potential – they contain the secret
codes you are here to learn from and activate.

Imagine how empowered you would feel if you knew the riddles
hidden in YOUR name.


Now you can.


I am finally offering the brand New ‘What Your Name Reveals'
lexigram report.


Lexigrams take many hours, even days, to unlock. For this
reason I am limiting the amount of reports I create to only 8 a month.


So discover ‘What Your Name Reveals' now.


The codes in your name WILL astonish you and change your


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. Read the amazing lexigrams for Michael Jordan and
Luciano Pavarotti here.


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  1. UMESH VIJAY PATEL January 22, 2014 at 1:09 pm - Reply

    What does my name reveal? Can you tell me the secret codes that lie hidden in my name?

  2. Whitney June 17, 2018 at 9:38 pm - Reply

    Are some names inherently more prone to negativity / misfortune then, no matter who has the name? In other words, are names with a lot of negative words in them more prone to such things and experiencing those types of circumstances? (i.e. the name Valerie has the words liar, eel, leer, lie, reel, ail, evil, vile, etc. etc.)

    • Tania
      Tania June 18, 2018 at 12:49 pm - Reply

      You are looking at anagrams which adds an additional dynamic to a name. However, the calculation of current names only involves the total current name number – and that is either positive or challenging. A challenging spelling of course can be changed into a fortunate one by adding, changing or eliminating a letter in the first or last name.

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