What an incredible weekend it was. Three days of code-breaking
with symbols, letters, and dates during my ‘Secrets and Mysteries' seminar.


I will never forget this amazing
event and the excitement generated in that room.



Last night, to relax, I watched
the Academy Awards.


I was rooting for two movies in


My husband Clayton Haslop led the
orchestra as first violinist for both ‘Avatar' and ‘Up'. I loved Michael
Giacchino's heartwarming music to ‘Up' and was hoping he would take home an


He did.


Giacchino's acceptance speech
about the importance of nurturing – not stifling – creativity in children was a
wonderful moment.


Then came the surprises.


In fact I had to keep reminding
myself that yesterday was a 7 Day AND a 13 Universal Date – two numbers of
unpredictability – so anything went, including the biggest shock.


Avatar lost both best picture and
best director to ‘The Hurt Locker.'


Most people of course had never
heard of the ‘The Hurt Locker' before yesterday. And most people HAD seen
Avatar at least once.


So what happened last night?


Is there a reason this little
movie, a violent anti-war film, won?


‘The Hurt Locker' was released on 6.26.2009
in the US – a birthday which adds up to a 25/7 Life Purpose Number. Interestingly,
7 is not a vibration that will attract prosperity.


So it's no surprise ‘The Hurt
Locker' made only $12 million in the US so far and $19 mil worldwide.


But this birthday resulted in an
amazing cycle THIS year.


You see, films like countries and businesses
have a launch or release date. This is their birthday. It is used to calculate
future cycles – just like for you and me. When it comes to bestowing awards,
these cycles give clues.


Isn't it amazing that ‘The Hurt
Locker' is in a 17/8 Personal Year right now in 2010?


17 is the incredibly powerful ‘Immortality


So ‘The Hurt Locker' was
immortalized last night when it won 6 Oscars in the biggest categories against
the biggest grossing film ever.


Secondly, this 17/8 Personal Year activated the
film's 35/8 powerful and fateful current name number positively as well.


Thirdly, yesterday was the 7th of March,
triggering the 25/7 Life Purpose Number for this movie.


Fourthly, yesterday's date
3.7.2010 adds up to 13 – a number of transformation and sudden, unforeseen


Kathryn Bigelow.jpg

Did anyone expect director Kathryn
Bigelow and ‘The Hurt Locker' to beat out ‘Avatar' and James Cameron?




She's also the first female to be
nominated and win Best Director at the Oscars.


Numbers 13 and 7 were in full force last


One of the highlights of my
Secrets and Mysteries‘ seminar came when we deciphered codes embedded in
various names – Presidents, countries, celebrities and Hollywood movies.


Amazingly, the fortunate accolades
for ‘The Hurt Locker' are indicated by some of the codes revealed in its name.


To find these codes I create words,
also called anagrams, from the letters in ‘The Hurt Locker'. Then I made
phrases called Lexigrams. This is a powerful tool to unveil riddles and hidden
messages embedded within a person or entity's name.


I found the words ‘Truth', ‘Luck'
and ‘Ruler'.


So one lexigram phrase reveals, ‘Hurt
Locker, The Ruler – Cheer The Luck'.


More importantly for the
movie-goer are the following lexigram phrases embedded in the title –


“Hurl the Rocket, Torch the Truth, Cheer The Heckler.”


“Hurtle The Truck – Lurk, Lock, Choke, Retch.”


These words and phrases reveal some of the colors and
frequencies that make up the fabric of this movie.


I am not suggesting you don't see the film – just keep in
mind, these codes warn the movie has storylines that could affect you in a
negative way.


As we saw, other codes in ‘The Hurt Locker' pinpoint the
luck associated with the film long after its release date.


When combined with this film's personal cycle in 2010 – an 17
‘Immortality' Personal Year – these lexigrams give us clues about the film's
stunning upset over Avatar at the Academy  Awards.


Lexigram phrases unveil the destiny, colors and tendencies embedded
in the letters of names.


When it comes to movie titles, lexigrams are a great way to
check the frequencies and emotional impact a film may have on you. How might the
experience of watching it influence your state of mind?


You can protect yourself by checking these codes.


I'll be sharing more of my findings using this incredible code-breaking
tool in future newsletters.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. The
‘Secrets and Mysteries' seminar was an unforgettable event for everyone –
including me. We will be making a DVD package of this special weekend available

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