With 2012 just around the corner, the
Mayan calendar is all over the news.


The Mayas had many calendars – yes, there is more
than one – revealing amazing astrological and sacred geometry. This knowledge reflects
the depth and sacredness of their traditions.


hunbatz men.jpg

For many years renowned Mayan Solar elder,
Hunbatz Men, has passed down these secrets the Mayan way – orally. My friend
Patricia Morris Cordona has been collecting his wisdom for decades.


Now they are being made available for the first


Hunbatz Men reveals the deep connections between
numbers, stars, planets, and yearly cycles. He explains how these numbers and the
sacred geometry are brought to life in all facets of pyramid building.


Why are so many crystal skulls emerging right


What is the significance of the Great Pyramid at
Chichen Itza?


How do the angles, steps and sides of the
pyramids correspond to the Mayan Calendar?


Are the pyramids actually astronomical observatories making
a connection to other star systems? The Maya certainly felt we are not alone.


I feel we have a lot to learn from ancient
traditions. And since the Mayas are subconsciously and powerfully affecting the
whole planet right now – their knowledge is key to understanding the climate in
preparation for 2012.


Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men has been devoted to
bringing the wisdom and culture of the ancient Mayas to the world since he was
very young.


He is an authentic Maya.


He was raised to be a shaman since he was 1
years old. Imagine.


Hunbatz speaks Maya Itza – a language that is
mantric, onomatopoieic and reversible. This means each word invokes the sacred
aspect of life in its description, each word sounds like what it is describing,
and each word can be REVERSED resulting in another word that deepens your
understanding of the original word.


chichen itza.JPG

Fortunately Hunbatz Men also speaks fluent


Now the Oral Teachings of Mayan Solar Elder,
Hunbatz Men
, are available in three beautiful large manuals, thanks to Patricia
Morris Cardona. I've read them cover-to-cover more than once.


teachings are all about
numbers, cycles, mysteries and the Maya


I was also blown away by the information and energy
emanating from the DVD ‘The Secrets Revealed at Chichen Itza'. This DVD,
included in the package, was filmed at the great Chichen Itza Pyramid with
Hunbatz Men standing in front of the pyramid sharing the numerological secrets.


Take advantage of this
extremely rare opportunity to learn from Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men right here.


This package is outstanding
and I give it my highest recommendation.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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