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32 years after surviving his first
plane crash, former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens died on Monday in another. It
happened in his home state of Alaska.


Stevens was one of 5 passengers
killed. Former NASA chief Sean O'Keefe survived, as did three others.


Other pilots who discovered the
crash scene said the flight plan did not make sense, given the extremely rugged
location. The pilot was flying low close to the hills instead of above them. It
is amazing anyone survived.


The numbers for Senator Stevens
paint a picture of a man experiencing in a major transition.


Stevens was experiencing a major
transition. He was in the midst of ending a 9-year cycle and beginning a new


The numbers tell an astounding


August 9, was the Day of the plane


Stevens had just transitioned from
his 9 Personal Year into a 1 Personal Year – symbolizing beginnings and


August was a 9 Personal Month for


August 9 was a 9 Personal Day for


Stevens was born on the 18th
– a 9 Day.


There were 9 people on the plane.


These numbers show that Stevens
was ready to go. He departed on a day that activated numbers showing he knew he
had accomplished everything he wanted.


9 cycles are a culmination of
everything that has come before. For Stevens, these many 9s show that he was
celebrating his achievements at the time of his transition. He had completed
what he was here to do.


And his age, 86, which reduces to
14/5, is the Media Number. He certainly was a media figure, even on the day he


When Ted Stevens was still Senator
– he benefited from a highly fortunate name. ‘Senator Ted Stevens' adds up to
17/8, the ‘Immortality Number' indicating he left a major legacy behind while
in Congress.


However, the name ‘Ted Stevens' is
not so easy. It adds up to 44/8 and brings challenges.


sean o'keefe.jpg

Former NASA chief Sean O'Keefe
survived the crash. He is experiencing a 13/4 Personal Year which can bring
sudden transformative events and ties directly into his 31/4 Life Purpose.


O'Keefe has one important benefit.
His name ‘Sean O'Keefe' resonates to a highly fortunate name number.


I believe his name frequency
helped him survive.


Having a good name brings
protection. It's why – once you know your name is a fortunate spelling – use it
all the time, everywhere.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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